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Two-thirds of registered voters in Valley likely to sit out primary

If you are frustrated by the "same-old-same-old" politics, please consider going to the polls, requesting a Libertarian Party ballot, and writing in John Fockler for US Senate. We need 500 votes in Ohio to get on the November ballot and make sure there's an option to the usual gang of idiots.

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Once a union metropolis, Valley sees that title fade

This is a pretty good article, and it makes a good point. Union viability is a function of the ability of union labor to compete. Where competition is a non-issue, as in the public sector, unions are protected and can survive as long as voters are willing to pay for them. In the private sector, union share is dropping because union employees find it harder to compete. This makes the solution rather obvious: make American industry more competitive and the demand for labor will rise. As demand rises, prices (wages) will naturally rise. As this happens, unions will make more sense for more private sector workers and will be able to bargain effectively for a bigger share of a bigger pie.

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Local Dems to introduce gas-price bill

I see our local answer to Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy are at it again. This is an absurd waste of time. Gas prices are up because oil prices are up. Oil company profits are up because prices are up. Simple concept for anyone with any realistic conception of economics (which doesn't include Messrs. Gerberry and Hagan).

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Youngstown looks for ways to keep kids in the district

If the attitude that Messrs. Hathorn and Beachum display here prevails, then there is a chance for the Youngstown Schools to come back. In the long run, it's all about the product. Give students and their parents something worth staying for and they will stay.

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OHIO’S FISCAL FALLOUT: 10 things to know about SB 5

This story needs to be better edited. Points seven and nine are identical. So are point eight and ten.

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Girard’s O’Connell to visit Obama

I can't help noting that, while 22 residents of the White House had Irish roots, only one would have been eligible to join the AOH, President Kennedy. The AOH is a purely Catholic organization. Kennedy has been our only Catholic President, and most of the other Presidents with roots in Ireland were of Scots-Irish rather than pure Irish ancestry.

This is not to take anything away from the AOH, which is indeed a fine charitable and fraternal organization.

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Senator defends felon’s help with campaign effort

It's not reasonable to expect a candidate to vett the background of each and every volunteer in a campaign of any size. Nice reporting on this story, Vindicator. Now, let's move on. And as one of Sen. Schiavoni's opponents in the late election, you won't find anyone more objective about this than I am.

--John Fockler

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Governor candidates are a study in contrast

While Messrs. Strickland and Kasich refuse to say how they'll address the budget problem, Libertarian Ken Matesz has released a detailed budget proposal for the first two years of the next term. Check it out at

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Judges hear woman’s plea to reinstate lawsuit over foul ball

My compliments to the judge for dismissing this suit. If this lady didn't know she could be clobbered by a foul ball at a baseball game anywhere in the park, she needs to be institutionalized for her own good.

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Rep. Ryan introduces bill that, if passed, would help Youngstown

I'm not a huge Ryan fan, and i haven't voted for him, but I just hav to correct a couple of errors. First, the last thing he's worried about is his reelection. That's an automatic. If he runs, he wins. Second, as distasteful as I usually find Pelosi and the Dem leadership, if Ryan is going to accomplish ANYTHING, he needs to be in a position of influence. Old Sunny Jim may have made many of us feel good, but he was a BUST as a Congressman because he couldn't work and play well with others.

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