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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

erplane and leaveusalone, perhaps one or both of you should approach the vindy about a blog. You are both intelligent, moderate, and able to look at complicated matters from multiple perspectives. Better yet, maybe you could start your own alternative online local news source. I've enjoyed reading both of your viewpoints here.

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

Mr. Clark, I was addressing the general tone of your blog posts here on vindy. Much of the time, your tone is accusatory against "old Youngstown." You ignore the good work of those who came before you. You tend to make blanket observations about groups of people. Your characterizations are often overly simplistic. The good people of Youngstown who voted for Traficant believed they were doing what was best for the valley. You don't agree with them. Neither do I. Challenging them to think differently is one thing, deriding them is another. Insulting Traficant's clothing should be beneath a professional writer. It's an easy joke and an old one. Don't think that I didn't notice that you didn't answer the question about how many total years you've lived here. I did. We need new energy in the valley, but not if that new energy brings with it disrespect.

leaveusalone, thank you for understanding and supporting my point. I think you picked up on my meaning and framed the argument even better.

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Draw a line between Traficant support and Traficant news

Why are the Vindy editors posting comments and writing blogs to defend their editorial choices? If you were professionally confident in these choices, you wouldn't feel the need to talk back to those who disagree with you. Franko and Sweetwood, do your jobs and let the readers have their say. That's how the professionals handle it.

So, who's going to write the next two comments, I wonder?

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

erplane, many of us long-time residents have always seen the potential of Youngstown. That's why we've been here trying to keep the valley alive. We don't need a self-appointed messiah who has nothing but disdain for the majority of people who live in this valley because they don't fit into his very narrow definition of what it means to be pro-Youngstown. As far as posts that are sensitive, give me a break. Mr. Clark likes the attention that he gets from provoking. He never passes up the chance to write about topics that will garner lots of comments.

Mr. Clark, my point is this, you claim far more Youngstown cred than you've earned. How many years total have you actually lived in the city? We're all thrilled that you see the potential of our valley, but when you put yourself above long-time residents, it's offensive.

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

Well, I said I'd never be one of those vindy posters, and here I am.

To citydweller: great insight, as always.

To erplaine: "Guys like Tyler and Phil Kidd are busting their butts to revive the image of the Mahoning Valley." Phil Kidd and Tyler Clark aren't from the Mahoning Valley. Let's keep that in mind. Phil doesn't bother me. He seems like a man who puts in a day's work for a day's pay and respects long-time valley resident. Tyler doesn't seem to do much beyond self-promotion. He blogs and he talks, but working his butt off. Naw. He's only been here a couple of years. What's he done?

Mr. Clark, You ask "Why do some locals still view criminal Jim Traficant as a hero, a martyr, an unjustly persecuted saint? It’s because they don’t understand his self-interest. Criminal Jim’s motivation was his own, personal enrichment and fame, not the well-being of his home district. That’s the only conclusion that can be reached when viewing his behavior."

When I read that, I see a kid who has not lived through the history of this valley showing up and telling longtime residents what they've done wrong and how they've been foolish. If you had lived here and watched your friends' dads lose their jobs, you would know that Traficant is a hero to folks around here because he refused to enforce bank foreclosures on the families of displaced steelworkers. When your city is dying rapidly around you, that kind of action is a beacon of hope. Someone earlier commented about valley loyalty. The point was well made.

Mr. Clark, if you truly seek to help redefine the valley you need to make more of an effort to understand the people who have always lived here. We've supported local businesses, paid our taxes, participated in our kids' public schools. We've done community work here. We may not have aggressively promoted ourselves as you have, but that's because we were busy taking action and dealing with the day to day.

You probably want to know where I stand on Traficant. I never voted for him. Never would. However, I'm not going to stand by and let the good people of my community be accused of collective stupidity. The whole tone of your rant here is arrogant and sanctimonious. The repetition of "Criminal Jim Traficant" has a very Limbaughesque air about it.

I can understand why the vindy's coverage got you worked up. It is ridiculous. The vindy is a ridiculous excuse for a paper. All of the good writers left with the strike years ago. Sweetwood, no need to jump in here as is your usual albeit completely unprofessional m.o.

Take this criticism as it is intended. Tone down the "you oldtimers don't have a clue" rhetoric and then listen and then you might learn a thing or two about what it was like to live through the valley's history.

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