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Victims ID'd in fatal crash in Campbell

It's a shame that the Coroner made the families wait untill Monday to ID the victims. Even if Mahoning County has financial issues and the Coroner's investigators don't work the weed-ends. The investigating Campbell police officer had the driver Elijah Paige's photo in his possession. When he phoned the Coroner at his home and asked him , to at lest come open the morgue and he would ID Paige and any of the other passengers so there families could have some type of closure

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What’s next for Kelly?

After listening to Jack Lowe's instructions to Kelly during this fight and the Hopkins fight.
It's apparent that Jack, a good guy and a honest business-man, is not the right man for this job. He didn't know what to tell Kelly to do in either fight ( swing low you might catch him???) , which does a in-justice to Kelly. There is a fellow on the East-side of Youngstown who has the expertize and experience to help Kelly retain and keep his title, even though Will Brandon has some issues of his own the union would be successful. Brandon's track record speaks for it's self: Jeff Lampkin titled, G. Richardson titled, M.Brandon ranked contender nuff said.

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Banner year for Valley recruits

Ursuline linebacker Dawalyn Harper verbally committed to Toledo signed his letter of intent last night and will be attending Toledo.

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Folks once crowded into White House

The times you speak of are times of America's past before our foreign polices alienated us , times when the world loved America.You speak as if security at the White house should be as it was post- 911. At America's first black President's first Dinner Dance even muddy boot wearing crashers should be welcome Everybody who worked security that night at the White house should be fired and the "crashers" charged. Can you imagine what it would have done to America had it been "a night of horror" ? Either by a Osama-controlled "crasher" or a crazy Obama hating good ole white boy "crasher" with muddy boots on. It would rip this Nation from stem to stern and our enemies would love it ...destroyed us from with-in.

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Ursuline advances to state semifinals

I'm seeing back to back championships for the fighting Irish.I'd Love to see (great nephew) senior D.Harper QB/LB graduate with two rings. Talk about a true team player with no one with the athleticism to fill the LB slot . Harper the senior relinquishes his QB position to under-class-men P.Kemp a junior and assumes LB spot. Defenses win Championships
The results of the un-selfish move ... one game away from another trip to the Championship game.

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