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Hockey, hip checks and Hartzell

Way to use this to get yet another shot at public employees. Pathetic.
He actually said he'll withhold his judgement for another week....out of self-preservation!?!?!?!?

Good luck out there.....?

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Boardman Township workers can’t ignore economic realities

Simple question: "IF the committee decided one way to save money was to replace the township's broker, would that NOT be a good idea?"
Or are you just another union-busting, jealous, whiner?"
If you can stop for a second & think just a bit beyond the tip of your growing nose, you MIGHT realize there are MANY other areas where money could be saved, but the committee has been essentially handcuffed by the township's insistence that they remain in complete control.
This may not sound so unreasonable, except for the fact that the township did agree to accept the committee's decision, and NOW are going back on their promise. Not to mention the fact that they have tried to slide packages past employees, with the gall to then try to make the employees look like the bad guys.
They have succeeded in making themselves look like the inept, bumbling "leaders" they are. Which is funny to me because they ran on the premise that the previous Board couldn't get its act together. These guys said they wanted "to get along" and "to work together". Nothing could possibly be further from the truth.
Oh, and by the way, there are SIX township unions, not four. How is it that so many employees can have it so wrong? Here's your answer: we don't. These trustees are pretending they would like to balance the budget on the backs of the employees. It can't be done like that, and they know it. It's really no different than what's going on at the state level.
These leaders ought to be ashamed of themselves for mistreating the employees, misrepresenting their constituents and mostly for not caring how services will be affected by their misguided decisions.

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

to quote you, "Carl, Jim and others here that have spoken out on behalf of the taxpayers making more sacrifices, like making due without their Starbucks or going out tho the theater, or maybe even those of us that have to make daily choices of Medicine of Food, need to read this section of the above article real closely. I will paste it here so you do not have to search for it,"

Show me one place where I said any such thing.

Don't put words in my mouth. (and I'll save you the embarrassment-don't "ass-u-me".)

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

Like I said, ytown, its never enough.

1) That stuff about the copays being "calculated into some of the other benefits to offset that increase" means what, exactly? If you want to compare apples with apples, we would have to look at each insurance policy and pick it apart.

2) No, when I say "wage freeze", that's what I mean. No one's getting step increases either. Or promotions-in case you're wondering.

3) Holidays and vacation days are a nice benefit, yes. I'm quite sure these were gained in previous negotiations in exchange for some other benefit such as wage increases.

4) Sick time is earned per ORC. It is also used likewise. The "buyback" is actually a benefit for the employer. The reason for this is should an employee "use it or lose it" as you suggest, it could cost at least twice as much (paying the employee's sick time, plus paying someone overtime to fill that position (you know, so firemen are actually available to respond to your emergency).

Regarding your last paragraph, if you don't like the concept of collective bargaining, you must be ok with the concept of a strike. The only other alternative would be slavery.
And don't worry, your newly-elected governor is taking on that fight.

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman


I haven’t been able to reply to you because I have been working. Your post about the “performance audit” was not at all disheartening. Neither was the audit itself. If anything is disheartening, it is people not dealing with the reality of what HAS been done by firefighters to address the financial issues affecting the township.

In my opinion, my bosses couldn’t care less if I tell you how the township operates. Sometimes I don’t think they care what any of us really thinks. But that’s another issue… or is it?

So- you’re talking about the “performance audit”. By the way, when did Austintown become the yardstick by which we measure Boardman. Clearly, the two are distinctly separate entities-even your “audit” points that out.

Many of the performance audit’s suggestions have been adopted:
2-3: OK, The cost of services in Boardman is more than Austintown. (But less than Miami-but let’s not look at that column, right?) BFD members do pay a percentage of health care premiums. Also, firefighters increased the percentage of healthcare premium copay mid-contract.

3-6: a committee has been established and is working to reduce costs of health care, and again, BFD does pay a percentage of health care premiums.

3-12: BFD has had wage freezes for years now.

5-6: the bulk of this page deals with “Assessments Not Yielding Recommendation”. The small paragraph at the top of that page compares the “total expenditures per call, per citizen and per square mile”. The suggested solutions have already been addressed.

5-9: when the fire prevention officers are on duty, they are available to and do respond to all types of emergencies. For this reason, they are paid for all hours they are at work.

BFD wages have been frozen for years.

For years BFD personnel have been contributing to the cost of health care insurance premiums.

In the past few years Trustees have cut the BFD staffing by 15% through layoffs and attrition. In the coming year, the BFD stands to lose another 10-15% of its staff.

No township employees or unions are singly or collectively responsible for the perceived “financial crisis”.

Be all that as it may, I realize no matter what the circumstances are, you are no different than elected officials who look to cut safety forces when they deem there to be a financial crisis, rather than looking at the whole picture, or at least looking equally at Administration.

No matter what firefighters have done or would do, it would never be enough. Firefighters are an easy target.

I understand some scrutiny goes with the territory of being a public servant, but to tell the truth, you are focusing your frustration in the wrong place.

If you really want to get to the root of the financial issues in this township, try looking at the one officeholder who has been in place through several Boards of Trustees.

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

haha-thanks for writing real slow, but what changes did the state audit advise for the FD???

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

I read your post about the minutes of the 5/24/04 meeting and orc 742.31. I'm quite sure I have been contributing the full 10% ever since I was employed. I happen to have the pay stubs to prove it. I have absolutely no reason or desire to lie to you. Nor would I intentionally mislead you.

I have read your post several times. The best I can figure is that the 10% is taken and sent to OP&F by the Township. Read: "said employees shall not be entitled to any option of choosing to receive the contributed amounts directly instead of having them paid by the Boardman Township Trustees to the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund."

Do you see what I mean? I will see if I can get a better explanation of this.

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

You ignore all my questions. You say you want adequate staffing, but you don't acknowledge that your "first responder" concept will not work. You have no answer for how we would handle a fire call when we have no fire truck or equipment with us.

But, elected officials and others have hacked away at the BFD through layoffs, attrition, and negative spin seemingly without regard for operations, so why would you be any different?

You're right. Every dollar I earn working for the BFD is a tax dollar. So, money I spend for pension contribution, health care, food, clothing, shelter and union dues is ALL taxpayers' money.

Also, when the captain is off, someone does fill in for him. In our profession, it's important to maintain the chain of command. You may not understand or agree with this concept, but I can assure you it is not peculiar to BFD.

Why don't you indicate the number of hours I worked to earn my wages? That wouldn’t help your argument, would it? I'll remind you that we don't receive time and one-half for all hours worked over 40/wk like your "real workplace".

We do not respond to all accidents. But if you insist on not listening to someone who actually does the job, that's your prerogative.

You should listen a little, and get your facts straight- but it wouldn't be near as much fun as wallowing in the same old muck you've been spewing for years, now would it?

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

Isn't that a little BS? You refuse to answer the question. Maybe you can't bring yourself to admit the BFD has been cut to the bone? So you just say something YOU think is "relevant".

You have never questioned the service provided? Look back at comment #64. You tried to say we should take something other than a fire truck on certain runs. That sounds like you THINK you know better. How would you answer the fire call when the crew is across town in their station wagon? We need to have our equipment with us at all times. Give us a fighting chance! Would you tell police officers to leave their guns back at the station & if they need them, they can just go pick them up? Ridiculous.

Most contracts are available on the SERB website. Also, if you wanted a hard copy, I think a records request at the township government center would work.

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Trustees must make the case for a police levy in Boardman

Initially, against my better judgement, I replied to another poster who again was beating up on public employees, specifically the BFD.
Yes, this article is about the police levy, but in the particular post to which I was referring, the other poster claimed "we don't need a full time fire department" and other nonsense.
He, like you, is armed with limited info, or does know the truth but is simply out to bash US.
WE are not in PERS. The Township does NOT pay any of OUR pension contributions. I cannot speak on the contracts or agreements between the Township and the other 5 employee unions, or the non-union employees.
Oh, and you still refuse to answer my question.

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