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Proposed end of Liberty 911 center called ‘death sentence’


You are raging douche bag! Let the Mary Rush thing go. You're starting to sound Chief Tisone. One bad call and you have to hang your hat on it to make the officers look bad. You're only making yourself look bad. The only reason for the 911 center wanting everyone to go there, is to keep the place open. Let’s be honest here, without our money they will simply fade away. Simply, the 911 center does not offer the level of professionalism (dispatchers) that we have here in Liberty. To revisit your assh*76le comment, what does the dispatchers or the radio room have to do with what officers do on the streets. NOTHING! DISPATCHERS DO NOT CONTROL OFFICERS.

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Proposed end of Liberty 911 center called ‘death sentence’

I'm concerned that all these Trustee's want to do is move in a backward direction. They will not hire new officer's even though they have the money. They want to close the radio room so that Liberty Residents can be demoralized by Trumbull County Dispatch attitude and disrespect. The professionalism of the Trumbull County Dispatcher's have greatly declined. It would be a serious dis-service to the Liberty Residents to move this radio room. Wouldn't the township be paying a double LEADS fee if this move takes place? Paying twice for one service is kind of rediculous. So, lets talk savings..............!
On a seperate note, when are the Trustee's going to bounce the police chief out of here so that Liberty can get back to becoming a respectable place to live?

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Teen driving stolen car held in death of 9-year-old

Thanks for posting that link! It clearly shows the brutality of these young punks that have no care about other people. I'd invite that kid in the video to jack my car. He would be the one laying on the ground wondering what happened.

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Teen driving stolen car held in death of 9-year-old

Attis! You are the reason why cops are afraid to do their job. you sound like you would be one of the first to sue the police if something would happen to you or a family member. but you are also probably one of those two faced as# H*leS that bitch cause the police don't do anything. pick a side and stick to it. you can't be on both sides at once.

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Schools in Liberty fall into fiscal emergency

I've said nothing about black, white, or anyother race. I'm talking about the lazy worthless low life individuals that feed off the welfare systems that create the community that has Liberty looking like it does! I've seen two news stories within a week, showing people on welfare gettting brand new housing. It pisses me off that people are out selling drugs committing crimes and they can come home to a wonderfully decorated home. I bust my ass, and have since I was 14 years old, I can't afford a brand new home. So to ZTHAFUTURE, you are assumming that I am a racist..... well I guess I am. I'm tired of seeing lazy ass people (white black or otherwise) getting s**t for free! AND YES..... IT IS THESE TYPES OF PEOPLE, AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM, WHO ARE KILLING LIBERTY'S TAX INCOME! PROVE ME WRONG!

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Schools in Liberty fall into fiscal emergency

Well, here it is! The end result of open enrollment! The more welfare recipients that move in, the harder working blue and white collar people move out. Hence the property value going down so that more welfare recipients can move in. Why don't the school board put together a volunteer task force, like Champion Schools, and follow these kids to verify addresses. I'll bet that you find that there are dozens, if not more, that use their "cousins" address in Liberty and live in Youngstown. The more welfare recipients that move in, the less you are going to get funding passed. Liberty Police and Fire! You're next. You will see less people voting for those levies and the crime is going to run out of control. Less cops, the more the welfare recipients can run amuck! I used to be proud to say I lived in Liberty. Now I find myself making excuses why I still live here. We are taxed to the max. We cannot afford another wasteful school tax.
Instead of taxing us and threatening the "pay to play", cutting bus transport, and any other scare tactic..... why doesn't the school board cut their own wages and give back to the students so that the students can enjoy a school experience that we had back in the day. There was no "pay to play"! Come on people, I recognize that Gov. K-SUCK is cutting funding because he's not getting his way..... but Liberty Schools’ issues started way before the drop in the economy and Gov. K-SUCK. Liberty has just become a suburban/intercity social nightmare! I think we need to clean house for both, the township Trustee's and School Board Members, get them all out and start new! I would be embarrassed to call myself either one at this time.

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Pavlik brothers have bout at parents’ home

I've been saying this since Kelly-Douche punched the Y.P.D. Officer. Kelly is a worthless, ego driven dumbass. Just because he can throw his fists does not mean he should be idolized. This latest incident is Domestic Violence. If he were anyone else, the police would have hunted him down and had that person in jail that night. How many incidents and apologies do we have to read and hear about? Screw this worthless loser; put him in jail where he truly belongs.

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