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Working it out

Gee, all of the hate, fear and name calling for just mentioning right to work. Worker choice is overwhelmingly popular in any poll you look at. If unions provide a service that people want or need, they will join. Forcing someone to join a union is simply Un-American and wrong. You union slugs are scared because when right to work does pass, and make no mistake, it will, you will lose over half of your dues paying members. Nearly 60% of public employees left the union when Wisconsin gave them the right to do so. Freedom will win over greed, no matter what kind of names you call people or what kind of thuggery you use. I think we've been through too much these last few years to care.

I actually do understand the arguement that there is strength in forcing people to join the union movement, even though it robs them of freedom. Other than that, why is anyone who does not profit from these workers' dues defending forced unionization? I'd really like to know.

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Working it out

You are right gdog, we are going to fight until right to work is national. Get used to it.

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Working it out

Labor Day will never be fully celebrated until workers can choose their own destiny, including not being forced to join a labor union that may or may not be in their best interest. Workers should and will someday have the right to negotiate for themselves and not be at the whim of a few who think they know better and who may have motives counter to the needs and desires of those they say they represent. Only when workers are set free and unionism is voluntary should this day be celebrated. Freedom is the American way, not forced unionism.

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GM Lordstown, UAW chiefs stay mum about ‘good news’ to be revealed today

Here comes another union payday courtesy of the American taxpayers with money we have to borrow.

Fight back, NEVER buy products built by the UAW.

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Biden: Voters have clear choice in 2012 election

The economy was pretty good under Bush. If Bush did cause the turmoil we are in, then Obama is obviously not the guy to get us out. Things just keep getting worse while Obama does everything except fix the economy. Obama is a nice guy, but can't do the job. Time to give someone else a chance, and Romney is a good alternative.

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Occupy Youngstown rallies to promote use of land banks

“We’re throwing people out on the streets so [banks] can make a profit". No, they are being thrown out because they stopped paying and didn't work with the bank to make alternate arrangments. These "occupiers" would do the same thing if they lent money to someone who stopped paying.

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Former YSU union treasurer pleads guilty

Glad to be union free.

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Once a union metropolis, Valley sees that title fade

Geromajor, no one doubts that unions HAD their place in society. Their place now is pretty much a fundraising arm of the Democrat party through forced dues.

As far as the southern businesses, you may want to take a trip south so you can learn a thing or two. Go visit the BMW plant in Greer, SC or the Kia plant in West Point, GA and tell me things are worse there. Heck, go to the Toyota plant outside Columbus. Do you see any of those workers clammering for unionization or walking around with their hands cut off?

Try telling us what unions are doing for workers and society TODAY and not 70 years ago when the movement was completely different. (I'll give you a hint - they are loosing jobs that were once occupied by middle class Americans).

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Once a union metropolis, Valley sees that title fade

Attis, if what you say is true, then the south and west, where there are no unions, would look like a third world country. Instead, the south and the west have been the fastest growing, most vibrant economies in the country with a strong middle class. Even in the Great Recession, these areas have grown and the middle class is strong, growing and upwardly mobile.

Youngstown is an example of unions running unchecked and wild. Just like Detroit, Camden, Gary, and other union towns, the unions would shut the city down to get what they want regardless of the long term effects. Youngstown is the poster child of the long term effects of greedy unionism. Youngstown does not need more of the same thing.

The problem with Joe Hill's argument is that not very many people are "mourning" the loss of unions. If anything, we are organizing against the union movement. And with 9% nationwide unemployment, that's a good thing.

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Once a union metropolis, Valley sees that title fade

faith, the unions are a monopoly for those who are required to join them or lose their jobs if they don't. Do you think that's fair? Working people, for the most part, can take care of themselves and don't need someone to "negotiate" for them. That is why union membership is as low as it is. Regarding union lies, plenty to mention, but the line about that workers cannot talk to their boss about certain things is a total lie. That firefighters can't complain about needed equipment is a total lie. Read the law yourself and find out who's lying to you.

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