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Teachers institute ‘work to rule’ plan

I think some people don't understand the difference between salaried workers and hourly workers. Teachers are not hourly workers. They are salaried, which means they work until the job gets done. That may mean grading papers at 9:00pm. It's is part of their job, just like every other salaried person in America deals with.

All I am saying to the teachers is don't mess with the kids. Work out your issues like the professionals you are, not like longshoremen. And please teach your fellow union supporters the definition of communism and socialism. They have no clue what either are.

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Teachers institute ‘work to rule’ plan

TB, you are correct that there are a lot of problems with education today. But taking services away from children, which is what the union said they were going to do in this article, is selfishness and greed at its worst. Teachers are forced to pay the union good money to help with the issues that need to be dealt with. The union can do that without harming the children. If they can't, they need to vote in a union that can.

If people see their children being harmed by the actions of this union, I suggest you brace yourself for the consequences. We'll make a national example out of this and you can kiss forced unionization and public employees unions goodbye. America is fed up with the greed and hypocrisy of the union movement and are finally fighting back. Michigan is right to work, need I say more. Hopefully Ohio wakes up and gets on board soon too.

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Teachers institute ‘work to rule’ plan

Teachers using children as pawns in their contract negotiations, backed by organized labor. Welcome to the 21st century union movement. Isn't it time to take collective bargaining away from these people? This is not a for-proft company here with "greedy" CEO's or shareholders.

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'Black Monday' now symbol of Valley's resilience

"Steel dumping" could have been stopped by a stroke of a pen, but Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, decided not to do that. Meanwhile the unions would not give an inch. When the owners wanted to modernize the plants, the unions refused to allow it "if one worker is laid off". Their mantra back then was "Not One Lost Job". Therefore the modernization would not have saved the mills any money. Well, the union brainiacs lost everyone's job and destroyed a city and a region. This day should remind everyone of the consequences of union greed and the lack of concern Democrats really have for the working class. Yet this town still votes Democrat and supports labor blindly. Lesson not learned.

Now I'd like to hear all of the comments from you union supporters saying that anything I just wrote is not 100% true.

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Working it out

Cambridge, it is a little more complicated than that. The steelworkers had a cartel on labor, and look how that turned out. So does the UAW on "American" cars. If you live in Youngstown and want to work for an auto maker, you have to join a union. You should not have to move to do that. You should not have to join IAM to be an airline mechanic, which you have to at some airlines. You should not have to pay $100 to work at Giant Eagle even before you get a paycheck, just because it is union. It is something I am passionate about, and is a wrong I think needs corrected. I think a lot people care, but even if they don't, it's my cause. America is about freedom and choice for everyone, not just those that live in right to work states (which, by the way, I do).

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Working it out

Cambridge, I used to work for a couple of non-union airlines, one being Delta, and if you look, all of our work groups make more than their union counterparts, and every union that came from Northwest was voted out because the union workers made, in some cases, a lot less. Plenty of articles about it online.

I do want to clarify something as I do tend to talk in soundbytes on this board. There are two different types of unions. You are in a trade union. I understand them very well and strongly support them. I currently own a couple of businesses and interests in others and I use trade unions exclusively. Their members are the best trained, they take care of their members, and weed out the bad ones. You pay more, but you get the best work. I have no problem with them, support them and wish them well.

The type of union I am out to get are the one's that are solely negotiators for their members, and do not permit their members to opt out. The company requires membership because its in the union contract written in by the union. I can send you these clauses offline if you like, trust me, I am very aware of how these guys work. The UAW is one, UFCW, AFA, TWU, USWU, AFSCME, etc. They don't train or control their members, don't offer a strong workforce for the company or government, they only negotiate and send money to the Democrats. There is serious corruption in many of these unions and the union bosses make a killing (all publicly available information). The worker is trapped because the government allows this. Right to work is a reasonable solution. This permits those who want to stay in the union the option, and forces the union to compete for members. Competition is good for everyone.

I've spent about 22 years on union affairs so I know them pretty well. There is good and bad, and choice is the best thing for everyone.

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Working it out

Gdog, get ready, the fight is about to start.

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Working it out

Cambridge, those are all great benefits and most likely worth your dues. If you like those benefits, stay in your union. I'm not saying you shouldn't. Your union gives you something for your money. But people who are in situations where they don't like or believe in unions should be able to stop paying and leave the union if the choose. All I advocate is the freedom to choose. You would choose to stay because your union, and many skilled trade unions, have excellent benefits and are worth every penny. Unions like yours will do fine in a right to work environment because they offer something. Others do not offer much of anything, and members should be free to opt out if they want to without the whole recall garbage. As for me, I do fine. Money and security are not an issue.

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Working it out

Here is the article, BS, in case your union blocks the Wall Street Journal: Google "Wisconsin Unions See Ranks Drop" if you prefer to do it that way. And all of you other union slugs should read it to. It is what's coming.

Wisconsin is a liberal state, and see what happened there when people were given freedom. No layoffs or pay cuts, by the way.

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Working it out

Hey BS, about Wisconsinites leaving the unions, go to the Wall Street Journal, May 30, 2012 for the numbers. Wisconsin is progressing, Ohio is not yet, but it will. Kasich did it wrong. He went about it all wrong and paid the price. Walker did it right.

Again, BS, unless you yourself profit on the backs of union members, why not give them the freedom of choice? No BS this time!

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