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McNally easily defeats Kitchen, others in low-turnout race

Democrats still run Youngstown. Finally things will change for the better (said with great sarcasm).

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Timothy, the skilled labor unions (carpenters, electricians, etc) are already right to work. Right to work will only stop the "big labor" unions like the UAW that force people to join to keep their jobs. Skilled trade unions like yours provide you with training and work, and those unions do only want the best trained people. Your union is like the UAW in name only. Other than that, they have very little in common. The UAW, UFCW, AFSME, CWA, etc are the targets for right to work. Those unions want everyone to pay them, regardless of how good they are, and are pretty much just after money and power.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

FD, I live in a right to work state, and have for 20 years. I would never live in a forced union state again.

Non-union people in a union shop don't get the same benefits as union people. Read the above posts. They negotiate directly with management while union people go through their union to do it for them. No free riders. That's the union's line to get people fired up about right to work, but it is not true. Your family members are a rare breed, not many people are fleeing the south and west to live in forced union states.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Not good enough, Average. In about half the states those kind of AGREEMENTS are illegal. They are illegal on the federal level as well. They are only allowed in Ohio because the people don't have the will to stop it. Before either one of us leave this world, right to work will be national law and forbid those types of agreements. Then workers will have real freedom and real rights. And have the ability to form a strong union if, and only if, they choose.

As far as telling the company in an interview that I don't like their arrangement with the union, of course I would tell them that. In fact I did tell them that. That's why I was a non-union employee in a union shop. And yes, I'll brag to the person beside me that I can do a better job for free than their $40 a month union can do for them. I liked my co-workers. I want them to succeed, not fall for union propaganda when they don't have to.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Average, but what if they don't want to work for a foreign car company. What if they want to work for GM. But they feel the union there is corrupt and ineffective. Why, in a country that values freedom, should they have to go somewhere else just because a third party demands they pay them, like it or not, in order to have that job? How can anyone say that's ok?

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Non-union employees in union shops can always be put into separate bargaining groups where they have to negotiate their own pay raised and work rules. That provision is in federal labor law, and I worked in just such an environment when I graduated from college. I was a non-union person in a union shop and I had to fight for my own raises and benefits. And I did so MUCH better than the union did for my counterparts doing the EXACT same job (with the exact job classification). We had federal contracts, and at the time, the feds were right to work (and still are), and required that right to workers with companies with certain federal contracts. That's how I know, and that's when I became an advocate for right to work so other workers wouldn't be extorted, or as liberals say, put into slavery, by unions who may or may not have their best interest at heart.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Average, the difference is the union is a third party that dictates you pay them for the privilege of working somewhere. If you don't like your employer, of course you should go somewhere else. But if there is a company you really like, and don't think the union there has any value, why should you be required to join that union in order to work for that company? You like the company, the company likes you, but an outside (yes, outside) force says pay up or you can't work here. That is the definition of extortion. It's hard to believe that actually happens in the United States, land of the free, but it is happening in Ohio right now, and legally. If working on the line at GM Lordstown is my ultimate goal in life, then no one, especially not a so-called worker's organization, should stop me just because I don't want to meet their demands.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Keep in mind, right to work only gives workers the right to not join the union if they feel the union does not speak for them. It does not ban unions from forming in any way. If conditions are so bad, and the union actually provides a good service to its members, workers will gladly join. That's the way it was originally designed and the way it should be.

Nevada is right to work, but has one of the highest union participation rates in the country. That's because the union has to perform for the workers and provide a service they want and need. In union shops, it makes the union accountable to the worker, which they don't have to do in forced union states.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

If you are a slave or a serf, you are forced to work that job. No one is forced to work at any job. The closest thing to slavery is being FORCED to join a union and pay dues to keep your job. I don't call it slavery, I call it what it is, extortion.

And don't give me the right to work for less crap either, look at how they come up with the number. They use salaries of airline pilots, sports figures and movie stars to push up the average annual income above the overall national average annual income.

There really is no legitimate argument for FORCING someone to pay union dues, except to fund the Democrats and whatever activities they do.

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‘Right-to-work’ petitioners seek November vote

Who cares if it is an original idea. Ohio is 30 years behind on workers rights and it is about time it be put to a vote. No one in a free country should be forced to join a union (or any other organization) to keep their jobs, or pay for "representation" they don't want or need just because the Democrats profit from it.

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