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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

Awwwww mannnnn... I'm just soooooo torn up about those who have recently found their pretentious hipster identity within the last couple months by being a bartender there!!!! what's gonna happen! I'm so concerned about these hipsters that have nowhere to go! I should start a non profit pretentious hipster fund and let's not forget about the "musicians" who put themselves on a pedestal over other people. Because GODD FORBID us commoners don't know how to play an instrument!!!

Are people gonna have to go back to bagging groceries? Fall into a depression??????? But wait they're so much better than us because they hang out at The Lemon Grove with a Bachelor's degree. WHERE WILL THEY GO!!!!????????????????

August 22, 2013 at 8:01 p.m. suggest removal