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Crime fails to shake Glen residents’ resolve

I lived on jeanette drive almost all my life. i am 29yrs old, i remember when i was younger being able to ride my bike anywhere in the area and not having to worry about crime. the community was so close then.. we used to have block partys for all of the children in the area including my friends on newport and chester. it seemed as if everyone new eachother. as time went by everyone in the neighborhood grew apart, alot of families moved. we finally moved in 2003 and before moving i had my car stolen twice, and our garage broken into, and the sound of gunshots going off everynight. they did build some cheap houses at the end of overhill that absolutely do not fit in with the beautiful historic houses around it. the glen is just not the same as it was when i was a child in the 80s and early 90s. it used to be a place where everybody knew your name. "if it would go back to how it was, ide pay anything to move back." i pray that things do not get any worse.

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