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Police target more in courthouse melee

justonevoice, is it someone elses fault u had a child out of wedlock by a man that didnt care about u or ur child? u feel negative because the great white people u put n office are taking 2 much of ur taxes...certainly welfare isnt taking half. its always easier to blame someone else 4 ur FAILURE, if u were smarter u would have a better job and would b with ur babies daddy......also have any of u idiot commenters heard of second or third shift, that might explain y so many n the courtroom or how about i wanted 2 take the day off 4 this hearing to see if maybe justice would be served

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Team seeks to crush crime

life2short, i dont think its an excuse, its a reason. have u ever heard the phrase an idle mind is the devils workshop ? it should be obvious if children had positive things 2 do they wouldnt be on the street committing crime. also u dont want 2 blame the school system, when children graduate from public schools they usually need remedial courses in college, because public schools dont prepare them for college or jobs

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2 plead innocent in Fimognari, Brown murders

not to mmention houser is accused of killing a white person, maybe ms fimognaris life is 3 times more valuable than lamont browns......notice the difference in bond amounts

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Cop accused of brutality on medical leave after collapse || AUDIO

antiypoungstown, u may never hear of law abiding citizens being brutalized by police , we have and c it all the time.....remember rodney resisting arrest and driving 110 miles an hour until the video comes out and shows him resisting arrest by moving while being hit with a internal affairs capable of investigating fellow officers? sounds like a conflict of interest

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Cop accused of brutality on medical leave after collapse || AUDIO

stan, all cops dont have a bad reputation among criminals, most criminals know right from wrong and arent upset when some1 arrests them when they r wrong with respect , whites r so willing 2 give other whites the benefit of the doubt ,ie lets not rush 2 judgement, but when Blacks r accused of a crime in ur devilish mind mind he is guilty until proven innocent and then said 2 have gotten away with it

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Cop accused of brutality on medical leave after collapse || AUDIO

saddad , u r an idiot , this man gets paid by taxpayers to protect and serve, this crap only happens in the black community and u wonder y Blacks dont c police as heroes . how threatening can a 35 yr old mans mother be, what about a man paralyzed from the waist down, sounds like a coward with a gun

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Speaker: Israel uses aid for attacks

stan, because some palestinian were cheering on 9-11-01 does not mean that the palestinian cause is invalid, u r so hypocritical.The U.S. sat so called Israel there in the so called middle east. its time to stop wasting money on Israel and Palestine and taking care of Americans, by the way when sadam hussein was in power in Iraq muslims and christians got along, now that the U.S. has taken occupation muslims and christians fighting one another

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Citizens have right to talk back to police

xbrownsx, have u ever heard of innocent until proven guilty, why do Blacks have to prove our innocence while whites rights are protected , when Blacks see the police we dont think protect and serve, we see entrap and trick, maybe our perception is wrong sometimes but usually as with crowley it is right on target. Crowley admitted tricking gates to come outside so he could arrest him, that implies that there was no threat, but he arrested him anyway

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Citizens have right to talk back to police

xbrownsx, Blacks dont commit the most crimes in the u.s. they are arrested the most , u may want 2 check dept of justice stats before spouting ignorance. maybe the police think like u so they focus on Blacks while the madoffs of the world make offf with the wealth......remember america didnt become the richest nation in the world on her hard work, she became the richest nation because she received free labor for over 300 yrs and continues to do so now through the prison industrial complex

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Citizens have right to talk back to police

oh ye hypocrits, u oppose abortion but support going into Iraq and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. u say a person is INNOCENT until proven guilty but are still talking about OJ 14 yrs after he was judged not guilty, u have taken officer crowleys words as the truth although it has already been proven he lied, what hypocrits, the man was in his home with pictures on the table and walls of him with other people, after showing officer crowley hs id y couldn't crowley just leave, his job was done there, there was no reason to arrest him, so what his feelings were hurt

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