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Second arson in two days destroys Austintown bar

Well for one I care what happens to him and his bar... He has always been a great guy to me and around me. Like Usnboy said we all have done bad things in life. Most of you posting about him don't even know the guy so who are you to past judgement. Last I looked I lived in America "innocent untill proven guilty" but antmore I think Youngstown is above that. So they think, take a good look into your own life before you pick apart other's life. Brent is a great guy and if it wasn't for him I don't know where I would be... Thanks again Brent!!!

March 6, 2011 at 10:54 p.m. suggest removal

Two arsons probed at Rumors Lounge

You type of people make me sick... Do any of you truelly know Brent Furrie? Well just incase you don't let me tell you something about the guy I know. He's a very loving and caring person who has done great things for our community!!! Yes he's done things but he has paid his debt to society, and continues to pay back to the community he believes in. He's a great person, friend, and family member. I don't understand when someone makes something of theirselves people like you tear them down because of their past. We all have past and have made mistakes it's learning from them that matters. Lets face it is Youngstown I know there are many people with past worst then most that has become something. So take your thoughts and worry about what your doing. Untill you can look at yourselves and say you have never made a bad choice then maybe you shouldn't talk about people you don't even know!!! Loving Rumors and Gossip!!!

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