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Will judge seek to out the villain?

The same analysis could be done on the Suarez trial, albeit Mandel and Renacci have been named. However, they have not been charged?

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Our dirty laundry is on display

So, one party holding all elected positions leads to corruption? I won't argue with that. With that in mind, who is going to clean up the corruption in our state level government? The Republicans hold the governor's seat, the secretary of state's, the attorney general's and the treasurer's, not to mention majorities in both the senate and house. The republicans strangle hold in the senate and house probably won't change until the next census due to how they jerrymandered districts in their favor. Mr DeWine is part of that whole tangled web of corruption. He wouldn't attempt to investigate Robs Ohio and uncover what the governor has done. DeWine also has his own corruption issues, with pay-to-play.

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Why’s the trial in Cleveland?

I think DeWine is Projecting, the process where he knows he has taken illegal pay-to-play contributions, knows that he is wrong, and sees everyone else doing the same.
Seriously, DeWine seems to be obsessed with those types of offenses. Maybe he should just come clean so he can stop prosecuting every politician in the state.

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BREAKING NEWS | McNally, Sciortino, Yavorcik arraigned in Cleveland

No one should be fired or forced to resign from their jobs simply because they have been indicted of a crime. For prosecutors indictments are extremely easy to obtain because the grand jury only hears one side of the story, the prosecutors. If people lose then they simply won't be able to fight back by hiring decent legal counsel.
To make matters worse, the defendant who is supposedly the prime target, Cafaro, has unlimited resources to fight back against the state. That means he has a decent chance of beating these charges, while the others might not. Unfortunately, the justice system in the U.S., like almost everything else, is unequal. There are two: one for the haves, and another for the have nots.

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Youngstown man charged with repeatedly throwing kitten into street, causing brain damage

I hope this creep got brain damage from ramming his head into the cruiser's divider.

Why didn't the witnesses who saw him repeatedly throwing the kitten into the street call the police? Maybe some of the damage could have been prevented.

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Youngstown mayor, Mahoning County auditor and an attorney will be arraigned Thursday

Why is everyone on this site so willing to believe that simply because a person has been indicted he is guilty? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? It seems like people would like our system to be guilty until proven innocent. There are a lot of countries with that type of system, maybe you should move there and try it out.
Try to remember that it's extremely easy for prosecutors to obtain indictments since only one side is presented to a grand jury, and that's the prosecutor's take on events, no exculpatory evidence is presented. Wait until you hear all the evidence in court before you decide these individuals are guilty or not guilty. Don't give the State anymore power than it has or this could easily happen to you too.

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AG DeWine sets sights on Cafaro

Bertram, you should educate yourself on how the criminal justice system works in the US before you begin commenting on it. As a paralegal who works for a local criminal attorney I can tell you that the AG's office goes for the low hanging fruit. They went after the little guys in this case and more than likely will offer Cafaro a sweet deal - since he has the money to fight them. You mention DeWine's impressive conviction rate, are those convictions from trial or pleas? The fact of the matter is most people plea simply because they run out of money, not becasue the state or county or whatever agency has great evidence.
The AGs office leaked the grand jury proceedings and that is unethical, since those are supposed to be secret. That alone gives you an idea of how they operate in the AGs office.
DeWine's office does not have the talent to go head to head with the kind of defense team Cafaro can put in place.
And as far as corrupt public officials, you probably missed all the coverage on DeWine's pay-to-play scandal. He's probably doing so many "corrupt public official" cases because he knows what's up in the future for him.
As a journalist it is your responsibility to question the government and the government is on both sides of this story.

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