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South Side grocery plan sparks optimism

Life 2 short

I've got a good life good job no welfare and not blaming anyone for anything. Sick of you people that think you are so much. I've got a degree a home and not in the hood and not around a bunch of prejudice folks. Im sick of people(whites and blacks) who are always complaining about the hood this and that. If you don't live there why do you care and focus on it so much. Remove yourself from the situation its not affecting your life so shutup about it. Especially if you are not going to do anything about it.

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South Side grocery plan sparks optimism

Its funny how you people get on here and downgrade others. Do you realize how many of you are abusing wic and welfare? Yes you do the majority of the people that go to wic are your kind. I see it all the time this is a proven fact. Go to the offices and check it out.

If you don't live in the hood why are you so worried about it all day all night. Maybe because this is where your daughters and wives go to get men and they do more often than not. Maybe this is the real problem you can't keep them out of the hood.

Boardman Austintown and Canfield its not so innocent its just not put on display. Stay over there if you hate black people so bad.

What about all of your white trash that rent these houses and tear them up they can't even afford to buy a home.

There are blacks that live in nice neighborhoods and have college degrees and own their own homes are sick of you white prejudice people that think you are something. You are nothing if you continue to judge all the time. Stay in your own back yard stay out of the hood leave youngstown go somewhere segregated if you hate it so bad. Who cares, tired of hearing all your whining and complaining about the hood. Look around at your own folks they are not so perfect.

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Update on storm-related food stamp assistance

These people on this blog are stupid. People in youngstown work not everyone is on welfare and seek to get things free. Some of us work hard to get ahead in life. Old man grump needs to get a life if you don't like Youngstown leave the area period I don't care where you live you have a thing against the ytown area go away from here. What about all of your people that lie and get welfare and wic and all of the other free commodites of life and don't say they don't because they do.If you lost 5oo.oo worth of food then you don't need the food stamps give it to someone who needs it you obviously don't. I am sick of people like you that have a thing against the world stay in your own little hole and leave everyone else alone

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