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Trump’s leading GOP off a cliff

George F. Will (who actually wrote the above opinion piece, despite the vague "Washington Post Writers Group" attribution) suggests that Trump's running mate will prove their own unsuitability for office simply by believing *Trump* is qualified. I'd suggest another reasonable motive. If President Trump fails as spectacularly as many seem to believe he would, is not unreasonable for his running mate to be counting the days until they have to take over from their impeached boss? Wouldn't they believe they'd be lauded for rescuing us from our supposed national nightmare?

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MAHONING COUNTY Issues on mental health, DD easily approved

The percentages in the "local levies" section above are grossly wrong. The writer apparently thinks that "margin" means the same thing as "percentage". For example, he claims that Austintown's 1.2-mill road levy passed by a "51 percent margin", but the raw data indicates that 51% of the 10,619 voters supported it, which means that the margin -- how close the vote is -- was less than 1%. That's the difference between a landslide and a squeaker!

A journalist should be much more careful to use words and numbers correctly.

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Handgun stolen from unlocked car in Austintown

Of course the robber is the criminal here, but that doesn't relieve any gun owner from the need to secure weapons. (Dare we hope this gun was unloaded?) Leaving a gun in an unlocked car is manifestly irresponsible, regardless of how safe one might feel their neighborhood is.

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Austintown should not demolish ‘well constructed’ Fitch High

A new roof and furnace may be doable, but the need to completely rewire and reconfigure the building for modern technology is probably too expensive to do for the existing building. On the other hand, Mr. Frasca makes a solid case for the economic difficulty of the project. We'll have to choose between tightening belts to intolerable levels, or giving our kids an inadquate education to function in the modern world. The opportunity of having the funds matched for a limited time makes it that much more challenging a decision.

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I'd vote for you, but I've been out of your jurisdiction for about 30 years. However, I certainly remember your dedication to improving the educational opportunities of Mahoning County students, especially with the then-nascent countywide computer system. Austintown couldn't have a more committed Board member. Good luck!

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