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Liquor retailer in North Lima keeps spirits up with variety

Nice place, friendly people. I try to stop by several x a yr. to buy something a little different. I drink very litlle myself, but enjoy having good spirits for visitors. Glad a business is doing well, but do not like drivers who drive drunk. I did it [drunk driving] in my 20's- was a bad idea then and a worse idea today with much more traffic. Enjoy the holidays but do not drive drunk!

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Another way to count the reasons

By being against abortions, the right has assured the demise of the republican party. More abortions=less democrats. Fewer abortions=more babies born to those who have historically been rewarded by democratic give-aways. Very simple basic math. Wake up republicans-forget the moral issues-they no longer matter in the country. Just see what is allowed and glorified these days compared to just 20 yrs ago. Pay the girls to have the abortions-you are going to pay to raise the kid for 25 yrs or life so figure it out. Much more economical to abort now-pay now. Wont really matter- soon the pot will be empty for all of us . Looks like the great melting pot got a little too diluted with takers[taxers] and not enough payers.

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God sends a message to the GOP

Not a word about the ministers in black churches in Cleveland and other cities. OOPS tha would be racist-SURE they spoke nice of Romney during the fall election cycle. One sided as usual desoozaa

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Fighting AIDS in black community requires educating our young

There are so many facets to this difficult public health crisis one doesn't know where to begin to inform the younger generations. As a Registered Nurse working in a public hospital in the 1980's I can remember the fear and panic the first few years. Before we knew anything about it, I can recall the FEAR and almost panic among some of us health care workers until information began to trickle out into the public. This diease was believed to be a certain death sentence once it was diagnosed. And it could already be inside of you if you had unprotected sex for years prior. PANIC is barely adequate to describe how many of us felt. Slowly facts were discovered and the panic began to calm down very slowly. Treatments were slowly discovered after many failures and millions in research. Education of the masses began on TV, in magazine, newspapers. I recall that no matter how much I thought I knew, there was always this huge fear that nobody knew enough. Millions were dying even with some treatments. Slowly the disease and its horrors began to fade from the front page. We grow 'bored' with any topic that doesn't affect us daily And terrorist attacks became our primary concern/fear. Thankfully thru diligent research// billions spent on meds for treating aids-we began to hear of famous personalities who were 'living with the aids virus' So here we are, 20 years later and the initial panic/fear are gone from the news headlines. We must re-invest in education again for the newer generations that don't know the dangers they face. Also, some believe the disease itself has morphed into a different virulence due to years of antibiotics and other treatments. Maybe it is time for some scary TV spotsto get the kids asking questions again. With the internet, the info is out there and easily located. And there is still the school system to help re-introduce the ravages of this life-killer. The churches should also help [ for those not in school] as they are a powerful force in the community and could be more trusted by those most affected.

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Hilliary had to spout this trash-otherwise,it would have shown the FAILURE of the Obama their foreign policies in the region.They truly believed their appeasement strategy was working and they could not let the electorate know that they dropped the ball on Al Quaida. The terrorists were still there, just biding their time. For God's sake, it was 9/11. Every U.S. citizen over the age of 12 should know that this date is CELEBRATED by the terror groups that wish to destroy us Why was security not increased in the days leading up to 9/11? I would hope that whoever is in charge of our embassies will FOREVER be on heightened alert as the anniversary date approaches. Any of us even traveling abroad on the date should be extra vigilant/more aware of surroundings. We have been at war for quite a while now, even if we want to think things have quieted down, the 'other side' may never stand down in our lifetime.

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God sends a message to the GOP

The terms "religion" and "Christian" mean very different things to very different people. Most wars have been fought/started around a religious difference. I recall seeing videos of Obamas minister preaching hatred to the white race-so don't just pick and choose your examples without acknowledging the exact same type of speech on BOTH SIDES. Strange as the campaign heated up, Obama's minister was no where to be seen /heard. He was financially enticed to keep a low profile so as not to harm Obama's campaign. Religion is very much like politics in that each faction believes as they do and the 'other' party or church will never see the point of view they oppose. So once again your article expresses just one side-and in this valley, you all think alike, and vote alike. And the vindy is 'your' paper-kind of like a church bulletin. You all agree on all issues. Just attack any opposing view/belief, crush it joke about it, pat each other on the back to convince yourselves your way is the right way vote. I must commend you on this election-you didn't elect the Hanni family. Remember them? They stood for truth justice and the American way for most of my life, according to what was written in the vindy. Soon the blame game wiil start as the failed policies become easier to see and feel. If your policies are the correct ones, we will all go back to work soon and make a living wage and you willl have the support of most everyone, not just your party.

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Cuyahoga official: Kasich is abrasive

Be careful who you decide to support until after you read/research how his local citizens feel about living in Cuyahoga County where he is in power. has many articles you can read about living conditions/taxation in Cuy. Cty. Lots of taxpayer dollars wasted/missing., and FBI probe ongoing.

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Election doesn’t end debate on abortion, contraception

Time for republicans to do a 180 on abortion. They should not only allow for it to be covered under obama-care, they should reward every mother that feels she cannot raise a child in this great country. Forget the moral question-the women that seek this way out arent worried about that. Only us do-gooders worry about morality-only to be scorned by the left. So let them have their abortions-and given enough time, the number of left-leaning democrats will by nature decrease. Very simple-fewer unwanted babies/ premies born to addicted parents= fewer future democrats. Sorry if you can't handle the truth.

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Protests unfurl over display of flag at Allen's office

Dr. Allen-there are more supporters out here for your actions than you will ever know. We feel like you do but have no way to vent our disgust and displeasure as we watch the country we grew up in change in ways that show weakness of character. Thank you for your service to the country, Dr. Allen. Those that take issue are probably the ones that are against kids learning the pledge of allegiance/ against any type of prayer in school/ for girls in the boy scouts. We grew up in a different time, different country than the kids today. They may never know what they have missed.

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Obama played ‘class envy’ card

It is obvious the left believes "they" are always right/correct. Now we will see. You now have 8 yrs, and will you still be blaming others for YOUR failed assbackward thinking? LETS SEE I AM BROKE- I WILL NOW GIVE AWAY trillions more in money that does not exist. How does that work? The it hasnt begun to hit the fan yet. I sure hope bama sticks around when we are fighti8ng each other for food in a short time. Think it cant happen? The panic is just starting-Hostess-18,000 jobs today. And when the little companys get the bill for bama care-FREE health care for the masses-illegal aliens come on in we will cover you with health insurance. How many little companys will choose to keep working to pay these fines/taxes. If you think it wont happen-keep drinking your Kool-aid. Line up at the trough and suck it dry-

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