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Robert H.-I am younger than you but have had many chronic illnesses over my life. I too have grown to know and trust and depend o9n a couple Dr.s that know me after 30 yrs of 'keeping me alive'. No one that is not in our position can understand the uncertainty we face. My 2 Dr's dont know if they will be able to continue under the new system- I have talked with them about the uncertainty. What I have heard from several different sources they may just retire early to avoid more work for much less money. The doctors i know are not rich-2 of them drive Chevys to work. The thought of a gov. layer of unqualified workers deciding if i need to be admitted to a hospital makes me sick. The people that are not sick that blindly supported this new system have determined our fate. It will be 'survival of the fittest'. A way to weed out the sickest to benefit more. Tough love. Who knows how long our traditional ins. will last when obama care really starts.

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Doors to close on Youngstown tradition

My grandfather was a business man from 1946-1986. He belonged to take out of town manufacturing reps to a great place for lunch/dinner. He was close by and at the time it was very convenient. We also had a rehearsal dinner there. I personally was there only a few times, and young in those days. Food was great. And that cheese was memorable. The night it burned, my parents were coming out of the Colonial House restaraunt in the uptown, and they could see the flames on the top floor of whatever bldg. it was in at the time. Sorry to hear it is closing, but I am shocked it held on this long. It was for me the kind of place to go to a few times a year for a special family get-together. I will miss it as I miss much of my history that no longer exists in Youngstown.

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Condemned man’s bogus claim

I feel so sorry for the victim's family-that they have to see/hear this murderers bo-hoo-hooing. He has had 28 years to relax, breathe air, stuff his face with so much free food[from us tax payers]that he now weighs 480 lbs. What ? Is an IV painful? I have had hundreds in my life-as most of us have had a few at least. I have seen lots of obese patients in hospitals with ivs and it doesn't look painful. Also, if he thinks the drugs won't kill him-just a matter of how many lbs[or kgs] and a proper lethal dose can be calculated. He should be concerned with all the pain he has caused others,obviously he will never comprehend thie aspect. I think the best death sentence for him would be STARVATION as he would have more time to ponder his existence.

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GOP groups take stock after $380M loss

Just where did the money go? Maybe to employees of advertising companies who produced the ads. Maybe to employees of radio/television/internet companies. Also, employees of printing co.s got some of the "wasted" money. You can call it wasted, I choose to think of the jobs it created, and supported. I am sure all of you know how these richer than you people should have spent THEIR money. REMEMBER THIS-even YOU are richer than somebody-soon the government will take more of your money for the re-distribution of your wealth.

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Students launch texting campaign

Sounds like a good common sense program to teach the kids to drive first and text later. All driver age students should have to attend such a program. Hope other school districts have similar assemblies-this really could save lives and improve drivers abilities to pay attention to traffic.

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There’s no substitute for books

Hate to see books going away-another sign of these changing times.And the changes do not necessarily mean improvement. In the book "Fahrenheit 451", books are outlawed and burned by the fire dept. The society gets all of it's info/news from the big-screen on the wall. A well-to-do family is judged by how many big screens it has. Kind of scary.jmho

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Will GOP ax Y’town judgeship?

Sorry to surprise you with reality- but why do you think the whole system is slower than molasses? Look at the employees and there is your answer. Racist? REALITY it takes two to do one job.

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Canfield hall upgrade ends up costing more than expected

I am not a resident of Canfield. It was good to see a board of trustees that chose to fix a few small problems to 're-furbish' a usable structure. if I lived there I would be glad they took this common-sense approach rather then spending '1.2 million'$ for a new bldg. Besides, the older bldg. should fit in the community historical architecture scheme. jmho

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Wild animal owners resist common sense restrictions

Usually I am against more gov. regulations.In the case of dangerous, non-native animals- I say make them illegal to privately own. Sick and tired of idiots buying and keeping poisonous snakes that are not native to the U.S. and to Ohio. Look at south Florida-millions of dollare spent each yr to round up COBRAS, ANACONDAS [non-p0isonous] ETC ETC. When a person grows up in a land and knows the natural wildlife to look out for, the person can enjoy the outdoors taking known precautions. BUT- when an idiot turns his wild animals/snakes loose-or the animals get loose due to storms/natural disasters., then the public cannot be protected. Individuals who chose to own these-and I am against it-should pay a huge license fee and have to account for the animal when license is renewed yrly. If you relly love these animals-go live with them in the native land-think of your 'pets' well being not yours. It is COOL for egotists to own and SHOW OFF 'their' animals. Right up tp the point where people are injured/maimed/killed.-then it ain't so cool.

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ODNR to investigate fatal boat accident

As a long-time boater, I do not know why an adult would be in a boat in November without wearing a PFD. The new 'life-vests' are not bulky, and do not hamper movement. NO EXCUSE-can't use cost as an issue-you can afford the licenses for the boat,hunting permits, gas to get there. Hopefully some wiser family members will purchase a PFD for the survivors as a 'Christmas gift'. Or not.

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