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Man shot by gun dealer at Medina gun show

This is what gives all gun owner's a bad reputation for being stupid. This is probably the most common accident with automatic pistols. It only takes a second to clear the chamber of a round after removing the magazine. Hope the wounded man recovers without life-changing injuries. This 'gun dealer' should stick to revolvers.

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Battle lines drawn over $500M in gun reforms

Bought a gun years ago when the background checks first got started. Was told it was for law enforcement to check on a criminal record. Great, I didn't want any criminal buying any gun. 30 yrs. later a newspaper decides because this info wasn't properly "protected' it was their right to publish a list of all legal gun owners. I am probably never going to buy a gun, but I would be very reluctant to fill out the form, knowing the info could be published for all criminals to see. Now, if the president wants to really make a difference, compile a list of all who have a mental illness/have been hospitalized for one/ have sought rx for one. Then, have the patient evaluated by a government employed MD. Now, cross reference the lists and there you have a valid list to start with to limit gun violence[or make a difference] Cost would be immense. Lots of loopholes in thi8s system, but it would make more sense than publishing a list of all legal gun owners. Also, trigger locks with every gun sold would do more than you might think to lessen unauthoized gun access.

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1 student dead in stabbing at University of Toledo

Publish a list of all knife owner's so we know where they live. More to the point, publish a list of all patients of mental facilities/psychiatrists/psychologists. This would do more to predict who is a risk for a rampage. Cross-reference the list of mental patients with that of gun purchasers and you would find a more logical listing of those at the most risk for killing innocents.

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Senseless snags thwart action to protect against Asian carp

As a sport fisherman, I would hate to see an invasive species of carp destroy the ecosystem of Lake Erie and all the Great Lakes. From the little knowledge I have, it seems these carp could destroy the walleye and perch fishing for all of us. I am a catch and release angler-ie-I seldom keep the fish to eat. Would rather return the fish to grow bigger and spawn more fish. But since the politicians are making this way too complicated/taking way too much time to do anything, I fear by the time any action is agreed on-it will be too little too late. And, since CHICAGO is intimately involved in the process, I am very pessiistic that any political action will occur in a timely manner. Possibly the correct amount of cash hasn't been paid to the proper authorities as yet. Until the cash is paid, don't count on any meaningful action.

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Why didn’t God stop the massacre?

The last few shooting sprees were done by obviously mentally ill individuals who- legally or not- got their hands on assault rifles. Society has gotten out of the mental health business because of the cost. ie Ohio has closed all but a few beds. Remember Woodside and Massilon? Ten dollar trigger locks might stop some of these massacres, or a gun safe. Evidence indicates this kindergarten murderer may have been upset that his mother was seeking info to have him committed. Ask any family that has tried it- it is not always quick or easy to have a family member commited. And even if it is done, it might just be for a short term. The shooter's mother should have secured the weapons when she questioned her sons stability. She paid the highest price for her mistake. BUT SO DID 20 OTHERS. I see no need for an assault type rifle in private hands/no need for armor piercing ammo for civilians. Been a gun collector for 45 yrs., recently began carefully selling mine off. 2 shotguns, 2handguns is plenty to defend my castle[ha ha]. I've only got 2 hands to shoot with. Have been an NRA member for 30 plus yrs., and dont always go along with their stand on issues. Just some of my thoughts on this complex issue.

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Ban fear fuels run on assault weapons across Mahoning Valley

I live alone, recently there was a home invasion near my home. If someone decides to kick in my door to see what harm they can do, I will call 911 if I'm not shaking too much. Then I will grab a gun and see who is knocking down my door. There may be shooting. But I will not be intimidated in the house my parents built many years ago. We have always minded our own business, wont tolerate being threatened in our home.

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The Austintown Board of Education this week heard concerns about sports transportation for students.

And just who is footing the bill to transport all the cheerleaders to the golf matches and bowling tournaments?

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Woman, teen injured in knife attack

Not a very complete story. Sounds like te victims know their attacker-'an aquaintance of her boyfriend'. Are the police looking for him? What about a name? Description? Sounds very dangerous to me to be roaming the streets looking for quick money. Finish the article please.

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A racial divide about a Youngstown judicial seat

A county-wide election would reflect the will of the people. Didn't we just re-elect a black president? So, the right candidate should win, regardless of color. Affirmative action for election results?

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Dems still stalking Mandel

Mandel was the wrong guy-as a republican I felt this long ago. But Jay Williams for a higher office is just as bad. He did little to uplift a small town like Youngstown. Let's face it-he got promoted to D.C. for 1 reason-he is black. To deny this is crazy. Reverse racism/affirmative action obviously. But being qualified for a position has not been required for a long time in gov.

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