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YEA authorized to issue strike notice

I do respect most teachers and feel very sorry for those that decide to try to work in Youngstown's schools. Several years ago, when the system had a different superintendent, the school district was LAST in the entire state.. That same year, the superintendent was given an award by the local naacp for doing an outstanding job. Also, if a child can read, he/she is labeled GIFTED? If money could fix it, it should have been great all these years. Until parents play their role in raising the kids all the money in the world will make zero improvement. The act of "getting pregnant" is all the involvement many have in the kids lives.

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Eliminating park commission isn’t only issue for city voters

I live in Mah. Cty.-not in the city limits. I seem to recall voting to support "Mill Creek Park" via a tax. Am I wrong? Wondering if I will have any say at all when the park board is dissolved. Is this a seperate committee for parks other than Mill Creek? Someone out there-please educate this ill-informed voter. Thanks

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Man who raped, killed baby seeks clemency

Now "he" seeks clemency? For what he did? He didn't show any clemency for the baby. This criminal should be thanking society for the years he has lived since 1998 when he was convicted. The baby didn't get these years to live. Time to 'man up' Smith-you raped and killed a baby-you should be running to the injection room to finally put an end to your miserable negative life. Not surprised you have trouble sleeping-most of us will hae trouble sleeping just readiing about your crimes.

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Let’s restore McGuffey Plaza or give it a proper funeral service

In 1975 I had to take an elective course at YSU. I signed up for bowling as a phys.ed. elective. The class was held at McGuffey Lanes. Even that many years ago, my car was broken into while i was bowling for 1 hour-in the middle of the day-1 pm. I completed the class but never went back. Bear in mind the economy was actually good COMPARED to present day. I never went back to that location-friends would get together to bowl once a month. We spent our money and time at other bowling alleys that felt safer to us. Once the population thins out as it has in most of the town it seems economically unsustainable to maintaiin all the neighborhoods in the fashion we would like. No People-No Money. Some sort of consolidation might work for a few areas in the city limits. I am too old to worry much about that area. The local, neighborhood residents have some responsibility in keeping the area viable.

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Charting a path to recovery in wake of Warren tragedy that claimed six young lives

Still too many blanks/unknowns with the investigation. So the kids were out when they shouldn't have been-we can all agree on that. Should it have cost them their lives? Of course not. Look to the adults involved: the driver especially, and the owner of the 'car', for some accountability. One report said the driver had no license-another said she never had one. She has paid for her transgression with her life. Just lucky she didn't T-bone a car full of early morning church goers. Secondly- the owner of this vehicle needs to be checked out a lot closer-maybe he did know the car was borrowed. Why the delay in reporting it missing[stolen?]

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UPDATED | Lupo charged; 'hazardous pollutants' found in samples

Filing charges is only a first step. We won't know if there will be any penalties for mr Lupo for a long time I am afraid. And mere financial penalties won't cut it-his companies just raise prices to cover fines as a cost of business. This idiot needs to be locked up for a while and made to study environmental sciences until he understands what he has done. But a bone-head like him will probably never understand.

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Thousands of gallons potentially dumped at D&L

Feb. 14th-Vince's statements now appear to be all lies. Is the strategy to have so many companies that he can deny one was involved, while knowing one of the others was to blame? Any way you slice it-crimes have been commited.These kind of companys give the good ones a bad name. I WAS reluctantly for all this exploration, a few more of these type dumping crimes and my opinion will be changing. The 1950's mentality of LUPO makes me puke-just flush it into the drains and the poison magically disappears. Do they deserve a 2nd chance-not for this guy and all his illegal companies. Vince-you better look for another line of work- I will NEVER believe anything you say from this point forward.

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Sugar Babies: It isn’t just about college tuition

What am I missing? Girls selling themselves for $. Just because the $ is used to pay tuition makes it different? A higher class of hooker? Or rather, A more educated hooker. College should never be for all students-you are not smart enough-do something else. Not enough money-do something else. What purpose does this so-called information serve? We have long seen the decline of any morals in our society. Just another example of bending any rules to fit your own situation.

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Tressel could lead a Y-juco

DeeSooza hates all state/gov employees-whether Ph.D. or A.D.. If Tressel can raise a lot more money for the university, let him fill the job. I still feel that his transgressions-lyiing about tattoos fall below the level of things I need to worry about. As a graduate of Y.S.U. [1976], it didn't matter to me who was president of the univ. at the time. As I recall, we were against anybody over 30 yrs. old in those days. ?Remember??

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The truth behind gun violence

Every human being learns by imitating what they see as a young person. If in a family unit, children try to be like their parents[or adults in their lives] As we get older, we learn at school by listening to teachers, watching movies, using the internet. My only point is that people emulate what they are exposed to. Not everything is absorbed,of course, but much of it is. It would seem obvious that we are bombarded by violence on regular tv programs, movies, video tapes, video games. Continued, long term exposure to these eventually must affect our personality. Started young enough, with the absence of loving, caring, responsible parents, violence will become the norm. Throw in access to a weapon, and many teens lose control and feel it is justified to settle disputes with guns/bullets. That is what is shown on the tube, in movies, on video tapes, video games. Apparently, mant young minds can't distinguish between real appropriate behavior and what is shown to them on screens. For far too many the violence in their young lives is not on a screen but in their daily lives, at "home".

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