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CVS layout suggests weak City design standards

I gasped when I read leaveusalone's description of the beautiful and stately Stambaugh Auditorium. I love 5th Avenue and Youngstown for the incredible old homes and history.

One of the reasons I love visiting Hilton Head Island is the architectural standards - strictly enforced - that require all construction to blend into the nature and beauty of the island. CVS has a remarkable opportunity here to break out of their modern non-descript architecture and blend into the beauty and history that is 5th Avenue and Youngstown.

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True courage in Iran

I know my green-tinted Twitter avatar is not much, but if one person is more aware of the political situation in Iran because of it, then - to me - it's something!

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A new era

@valleyred, I hear you and others talk about "victory in Iraq," but I no longer know what the definition of that phrase is. What does it mean to you?

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Trumbull besting Mahoning in race for new GM workers

OldManGrump, I believe you're looking at old numbers. The city continues to be infused with new talent and new energy. We who believe in this city will turn it around in our lifetimes.

I want to live and buy a home in Youngstown.

I choose Youngstown.

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Plans for building arouse concern

I've moved to Youngstown because of the rich history and heritage. It must be preserved!

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Think Again on Federal St Plans

. . ."whatever struggling businesses that are hanging on now and won't be able to make it through four months of decreased traffic while this ill-advised plan is moving forward."

I believe this to be the most salient point of your post. We want more commerce downtown. We do *not* want to find ways to kill what we already have.

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