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OSHP: Teen driver was huffing before fatal crash

My prayers go out to christie's family for they are dealing with the most lost of their lives, the other families I have my deepest sympathy for but they still have their daughters. Christie was the youngest and the only girl in her family... And I am just upset at Kaylynn's statement, I know these girls not well but enough to have see Kaylynn's facebook page, and about a month ago she had pictures with her and her older brother high as kites from "huffing", so her statement saying she TRIED it that night of the accident and didn't like it is just mind boggling, I understand that she doesnt want to get into trouble, but telling the truth for ALL families is the right thing to do.... I just saw her at a party a few days ago, and she was drinking, and acting like its the time of her life... has she not learned?

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Woman charged with stabbing grandmother; bond set at $1M

Ignorance is infact bliss. I am sorry but when a person has mental issues, and is infact sick, sometimes they cannot reach reality, they may seem perfectly fine in normal situations but what is going on inside their head is everything but not normal. For you to not understand what that must be like. This doesn't mean that she doesn't know what right and wrong is, but it does mean that she is sick and unaware of what happened, just look at all the serial killers, some of them, and most of them do know killing is wrong, but their illnesses are too much for them to reach reality. I do not know Crystal but i do know some of her family. And they as well as the police say she was not on any drugs.

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