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Youngstown fights back

@ Southsidedave Huh?

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Youngstown fights back

@ everyone! Please try to comment with Pride. You would not dare speak like this in public, so why do it on a blog? Decent comments are fired back at with evil comments, telling someone to do something you Don't have the Balls to do face to face. Tell your co-workers and children to read your nasty posts. The kids will not be happy to know they are bred from such filth.

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Youngstown fights back

That is my point Thomas53, you refer to Italians. But you refer to Blacks as rats? Remember #youarenobetter!

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Youngstown fights back

Someone told me to stfu? Canfield kids are not ridin' dirty at high noon? Fact: Police cannot stand on every corner! Fact: Trere are not very many jobs in the area! Question? Would you give up your job for someone elses well being? You are probably one paycheck away from disconn notices! I t may be easy to judge from behind a computer. But remember that could have fed a family, for a week! Judgement only refects the words from the spoken. #youarenobetter!

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Youngstown fights back

Most of you talking badly about Youngstown are from it. You have no self-pride. I refuse to let the bad news regaurding Y-town define who I am! The comments you about the people who commit these crimes, represent you as a person! I am from Youngstown! loved My Upbringing, and would not let any of you talk down to me. If you live in Boardman, Canfield, Poland ect. Your neighbors are the one who bring the large quantities of the drugs that keep Youngstown on it's knees. But Youngstown will keep the light on for the suburban crack addicted high school student that comes in to steal. And when he gets arrested, I guess that is Y-town problem also.

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Man to face charge in Girard robbery

What is the point of that comment?

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