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janggler (anonymous) says...

My opinion is based on traveling thoughout the state. Your opinion seems to be rooted on hate towards the opposing party and what has been indoctrinated to you by fellow party members. I believe that it is foolish not to delelvope a vital corridor, no matter what party you belive in. So, why is so much money and infrastructure being funneled to Republican strongholds in Ohio? To say that there is no political motivation by the Republicans to "snuff out" the opposition would be myopic. That was obvious with the redistricting of the region. It's sad that we all pay taxes in Ohio, but only selected regions are receiving benifits of those taxes and federal funds for job creation. While in the Mahoning Valley, the small percentage of funds from the State are used for sustenance of the poor.

November 3, 2011 at 3:21 p.m. reply suggest removal