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Voters asked to slice public pension perks

hopeless4thevalley, your attitude is exactly what infuriates the people who PAY YOUR WAGES, HEALTH CARE, RETIREMENT. Did management let things get out of hand? Maybe, but the whole damn country is struggling. People, myself include, are being asked to give back, work more and pay more. Then we have pompous ashes like you that say na nana nana, we have a contract. You say It is not your fault its mgt. You think you are untouchable, hiding behind a fading union and the shield of a weakening govt.. You better wake up or you will all be out on your butts with nothing. Things are going to change, you can be a part of it or a byproduct of it.

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STRS is responding to challenges

"Last year, the OPERS Board of Trustees recommended changes to our benefit plan design that will help maintain the fund’s financial strength. The proposal raises members’ retirement age, alters the formula to calculate benefits and offers other substantive recommendations that will maintain our ability to provide pensions with no increase in taxpayer contributions."

"no increase in taxpayer contributions."

How nice of them to not ask for more of my money so they can retire at 55. Maybe now I can afford a few more dollars toward my 401k. I might be able to retire..........when I die I guess.

Here is a novel idea. How about you increase their retirement age to 67, eliminate the guaranteed pension as 95% of all employers have, make the employees start investing into their retirement ex: 401k, IRS, etc... and give me my money back so I can also enjoy retirement.

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V&M Star project was an effort for which many earned credit

"President Obama’s speech here focused on politicians, while giving scant recognition to V&M, Vallourec (parent company), V&M company executives, and the entire V&M family."

"It is obvious that the plant is being built to serve a market opportunity, to improve the company’s competitive advantage and is not in response to a government incentive. "

That pretty much says it all. Politicians taking credit for the hard work, vision and commitment of others.

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Obama: Cut tax breaks for oil companies

Just what we need. Another tax increase to be passed down and cause more hardship to us, the end users.

Where was Obamas hard line stance against fossil fuels when he brought his dog and pony show to V&M Star recently? V&M makes pipe used to drill for fossil fuels. Obama and timmy did nothing but pat each other on the back for the success of V&M star. Of course, anyone with half a brain knows they have had nothing to do with the success of V&M. If it were up to Obama and his timmy like cronies, V&M would be shuttered in lieu of a few trees and a windmill.

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School’s name triggers group’s ire

city_dweller say's
"White people regularly move out of neighborhoods when black families moves in,"

I say.
We don't want to, we have to.

city_dweller say's
"White people generally do not get followed around a store by employees who think they'll steal something simply because of their race,"

I say.
Because chances are we wont steal something and chances are they will.

city_dweller say's
"White people generally find themselves in the company of people of their own race at work and in public,"

I say.
At work? Come on.

city_dweller say's
"White people can be pretty sure that their children will learn about important people of their race in school,"

I say.
Because we make sure our children go to school.

city_dweller say's
"White people can be pretty sure that their rude behavior and sloppy appearance won't be chalked up to their race,"

I say.
That is because the majority of the majority do not practice "rude behavior and sloppy appearance". The majority of the minority do.

city_dweller say's
And white business owners know people won't avoid their store because it's white-owned.

I say.
I know most " white business owners" who would prefer you avoid their business.

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President Obama to visit V&M Star Tuesday

I think it is great that the President is coming to Youngstown. It should be a great photo-op for timmy ryan and bongin bob hagan. These men will be patting themselves on the back and telling us how great they are. The truth is that if these men had their way, there would be no expansion of drilling for fossil fuels thus there would be no V&M expansion. The V&M expansion is happening in spite of and not because of our democratic leaders.

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Coroner yields to 24-hour demand

nick_7t, you may feel that kennedy is a good person, and he very well may be. My guess is you are a friend or some sort of acquaintance of his. I do not know the man. My impression of him is that he is pompous, manipulative and heartless. Had he come out and said he made a mistake, it wont happen again, I would have so much more respect for him. He didn't do that and in fact, has been very cold in his defense. As for the 24/7 thing, it is part of the job. He actually puts in about 10 hours a week, hardly taxing. I have been on call 24/7 for the past 24 years.Has there been times that I couldn't cover, absolutely, but I made sure someone else did. If I don't cover 24/7 I don't have a job. Do you think that kennedy would be so callous with one of his paying patients from his practice. I think not.

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2 unions at WRTA get three pay raises

citizen13 and city_resident, my bad.

city_resident, I think what the problem here is the arrogance and poor timing of our elected officials. How do you justify these pay raises in this economy? We were asked to support the .25% for the wrta out of fear that it would cease operations. We supported it even though many of us are taking pay cuts, losing hours and losing jobs. It is a slap in the face to all of us who voted for the levy.

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2 unions at WRTA get three pay raises

citizen13 posted 5 minutes ago

citizen13: "WRTA employees havent had a raise in years."

A: Neither have I. In fact, with the ever increasing taxes and concessions, I am making less than I have in the past. That's just the way it is for those of us not milking the public.

citizen13: "I love to hear people gripe about passing levys, THEN when government starts shutting down they SCREAM because police, fire, medical examiners, jails, schools arent "doing their jobs". You cant have it both ways. TAX dollars are needed to keep government running and running efficiently."

A: With the 1/2% currently in debate, Mahoning County stands alone with the second highest sales tax in the state. Not getting much bang for our buck.

citizen13: 'Keep voting down levys, watch your school systems, police departments, fire departments, courts, medical examiners offices and towns fail"

A: The medical examiner is not where you want to go to support your argument. The county courts (see belinky) are a mess as well. Schools, police and fire are local issues.

As for the wrta, if in fact, these busses are always full as stated by some previous post's, why the need to be subsidized by my tax dollars? The truth is that while a few of the routes may be profitable, the majority are dry runs. If my business performed as poorly as the wrta, well, it would no longer be in business.

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2 unions at WRTA get three pay raises

Doom and gloom to scare the people into approving the tax and then give everybody a raise. In a time where everyone is taking concessions, we get another slap in the face. Here is a novel idea, how about a pay cut and try to make the wrta self sufficient.

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