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Canfield couple target Target's restroom policy

worthless, useless...we're not the bible belt and shouldn't aim for it

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Trump to stump at YSU Monday

guessing there will be a lot of these guys there

probably some from here :)

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New poll: Portman extends lead over Strickland in Senate race

yep^'s going to be a big night for Dems in November and Hillary will scrape out Ohio but Ohio Dems really should get their bleep together...they got Brown and nobody else

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Trump’s worst torment

"Let us give the supporters of Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt – that they’re for him not because he’s a racist, a misogynist, a chauvinist and a religious bigot, but because they agree with his positions on the important issues of the day."

we could, but shouldn't

you want to see these followers in action, watch this (language nsfw)

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Trump’s promise to make US a winner resonating in Valley

disastrous numbers today for Trump...he'll do better here than past R's but won't be nearly of the country is changing and that part is the majority, and that part is Hillary's...Trump is getting whooped among college educated whites, and that never happens to R candidates for President...more than makes up for the gains he'll get with non-college educated whites, especially men

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Kasich says he’s focused on helping down-ballot candidates

good move, no need to have that Trump family smell of Vitalis all over you

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Hillary gets boost from Bill as she wins historic nomination

16 years of Obama and Hillary....most of this board will be incapable of dealing with it and will die here on their keyboard, likely typing the word 'socialist' at their moment of passing..their comrades here will blame it on George Soros or Saul Alinsky

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Clinton, Kaine expected to make Valley appearance Saturday

oh christ, somebody get some nitroglycerin and aspirin for the comment board

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Some Valley Republicans bemoan Kasich's snub of Trump

and how quiet the right was about these

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