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Ohio lawmakers might allow guns in stadiums, bars

People get shot in bars now as it is when they aren't allowed to carry weapons and drink and drive which isn't allowed either. Perhaps we should just ban cars at bars or bars altogether. That should solve it right?

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Ohio lawmakers might allow guns in stadiums, bars

As to why do people feel they should carry there--that's simple--because it's their right.

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Ohio lawmakers might allow guns in stadiums, bars

Most of these comments are typical knee-jerk reactions. Let's analyze where things are now: Currently no one can "legally" carry into a bar, stadium or restaurant that serves liquor. This only serves to ensure that law abiding citizens will enter these establishments unarmed. Those willing to break the law can and will carry into these establishments. Really there is no way to ensure compliance with any gun prohibiion without use of metal detectors and x-ray scanners. The new law will allow those who have taken the proper courses and passed background investigation to be allowed to carry. This doesn't do anything to make anyone less safe as the criminals were already carrying. They now need to consider that they might not be the only ones. Furthermore, if you are the owner of an establishment and want to ban the legal carrying of weapons (note I say legal as criminals don't seem to mind breaking the law) you can still do so by posting your establishment with a no-guns sign which has the force of law. Of course, many legal gun owners will then choose to take their business elsewhere as these owners will no longer be able to hide behind he current law

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Browns’ misery ends

Steelers will win easily over Browns. Steelers will be in playoffs. Browns will continue to lose and will be lucky to win 3 this year. A win is a win in the NFL--even the Browns' win, but they will be few and far between.

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Rep. Ryan should support health-care reform bill

the 1% of the population being affected by the surcharge is the most ludicrous thing anyone could believe. For starters, the surcharge will start at a much lower rate that will affect more people. And then, small businesses will be the majority of those affected by this surcharge as they are taxed often as individuals. So when they are taxed even more than they already are, they will be forced to lay off more employees. That will force more people off of health care. Furthermore, this Socialist, err Democrat plan does not even fund itself with this surcharge. The rest of the funding is to come from the "savings" created by the greater efficiencies that will result from the government plan. Yes, the government being efficient. After all, they have such a great track record. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid

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Health care isn’t free, and the system isn’t broken

Wow, hit the nail on the head.

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Driver charged in crash that killed 4-year-old

Gee, I always thought when someone was banned from driving they would just comply. This is the problem with letting repeat offenders off for anything.

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Trickle down Obamanomics

don't worry. At the rate this national debt is rising our ability to service the debt will soon falter. Then the Chinese will come in and take over and things will be much better. We will go from failed socialism to communism

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Michael Jackson dead at 50

WHO CARES?!!! I cannot believe the media is overcovering this story and missed covering the huge tax that is the cap and trade bill that was passed by the House last Friday.

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‘Tea party’ scheduled in Hanoverton

Still waiting to hear what these tea parties are "really about" from hope4thevalley. Fact is, many people were already complaining about the fiscal policies of Bush way before now. It is just that Obama is so over the top with our government spending and projected deficits.

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