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Brawl case goes to court

I'm a student at ursuline and I know 5 of the mooney boys involved I went to grade school with them. No the boys had absolutely no business going to Malvasi's house but Malvasi had no business puching Jacket in the face that was a tad uncalled for. To LETSgetREAL I disagree with your comment that mooney parents and students think they're better then everyone else because the reality is alot of people in this world think that way. There are people in every school district that thinks that way not just Mooney, you could say that of Canfield, Poland, Struthers, Campbel, and Ursuline as much as I don't think that but I am bias because I go there. As a catholic school student I will support the catholic schools in this area no matter if we are rivals or not but those mooney boys did something very stupid as did the canfield boy. Also as a catholic school student I am continually reminded that I represent my school in everything I do these high schoolers forgot that. As students we represent our school it is our only job neither group has put up a good mark for either school. Catholic schools are on a higher standard because of what they are so when they fall they fall hard but this will pass and there will be another big fit eventually let this fade I can almost guarantee those kids regret what happened. It was stupid, it was a mistake, but we are all human lets not forget that.

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