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Jimbo heads home after eight years

i only know a little italian,but i have heard that phrase before.words to live by.loyalty and respect have been driven into me since birth.but then again im just a dumb ol' farm boy!

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Jimbo heads home after eight years

careful people i say the "mob" helps your community more than you realize.they usually employ local labor and the company you work for probably has some ties ,one way or the other,with these heads of syndicate.dont forget,the "mob" was created to take care of their own "neighborhood family" which included more than just italians or jews.if you were a loyal and trusted member you were protected.(had employment,not messed with etc.)and all you had to do was buy from local retailers.sounds good to me!!!

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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

how many of you would not reclassify your job if it meant a significant pay increase?being a former union card holder,i am indifferent but i cant fault someone for trying to make more money.after all isnt that what life is all about?i have yet to meet anyone who aspires to be who they are in the now.think about it.

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Austintown 5th-fastest dying town in U.S. says Forbes

i believe it would only be a temp. fix anyway.our declining economy is a result of spending from the last two decades and an increased size of govt payroll,combined with the free trade act,and increasing min. wage,and the everlooming higher tax rate on the rich and successful.our govt has made poor decisions (dem. and rep.)with handling our economy.and for the obama supporters i hate to break it to you but one man no matter how good he speaks is not the answer to our problems.if you believe the pres. has control you really need to go back to school and re-study how your govt works!

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