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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

1. The headline says NOTHING about a Canfield boy being charged along with the Mooney kids. That is ridiculous. But I'm not surprised because the Vindy has had it out for Mooney since day one.
2. There is ONE WHOLE MINUTE missing from the video.
3. The Canfield kid tackled a Mooney kid in front of the house and hit the Mooney kid earlier in the night WHICH STARTED THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL.
4. Many Mooney students live in Canfield, Boardman, and Poland while some do not
5. Many Mooney students come from well-to-do families in those suburbs while some do not
6. Most Canfield students DO NOT come from well-to-do families while only some do
7. The police should have confiscated the video, held it for investigation, and released it during a press conference
8. How do we know if we are watching a tampered video, or the actual video? The father released his own tape, the detective said he was involved in the brawl, therefore the father has a conflict of interest. Duh!

This is just the type of situation that was bound to happen one day. When I was in school a few years ago ('01-'05), Mooney and Poland used to brawl all the time at the Taco Bell and many other parking lots along 224. Back in the 80's and 90's, when Mooney used to play Struthers and Boardman, there were fights every single weekend between those two schools but the public didn't hear about it. This particular fight is unfortunately being turned into a publicity stunt by the press in order to further Public Schools against Catholic schools in the epic Youngstown battle of "private vs. public". Fights happen all the time but why aren't they in the paper? I think the sheer number of Mooney students certainly contributed to the amount of press this even has received but it should have been kept under wraps as best as possible. This type of publicity doesn't help EITHER school but serves only to hurt them both. If they didn't thrust this out into the public eye, it would have been better for not only both of the school's future reputations, but more importantly the reputations of all families involved as well as the future that each student deserves regardless of one bad decision they made in high school.

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Owner of private airport seeks help from port authority

I think it would be great to expand the airport. The only problem that I can see is that Sharott Rd. and Basinger Rd. Run perpendicular on either side of the existing runway, moving those roads would certainly be an issue if the runway were to lengthened. Also, it would be great if they added an ILS (instrument landing system) approach system so we could land there when it's cloudy.

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