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100 downtown protesters oppose fracking

Bigben, my apologies, it was late and was tired- I mis-interpeted your intent.

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100 downtown protesters oppose fracking

"Bigben" -perhaps I misunderstand you, I hope you are being satirical?!

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100 downtown protesters oppose fracking

We are educated-my partner has a bachelors, two masters and a doctorate in polymer engineering. As far as knowing what we were protesting it was stated in the article above which was obviously to difficult for "hunter21" to read,hmmm. We want a moratorium on fracking until all the information is disclosed, such as what chemicals are injected into the ground- the industry is stalling on disclosing this! Many people took time off from work to go to the march, protest and rally. As far as "Stan" goes, the pollution is much closer than you know, perhaps you could use a little educating yourself. Then there is "Bigben" who states that "water isn't a necessity." Well "Bigben", this shows your lack of medical knowledge, -the human body cannot survive for more than a few days without "clean water", without it you will die. "Venuschild" we are educated. Oh, and by the way I do drink from the tap with a filter attached since most bottled water is a joke since a lot of it is nothing more than tap water.---Some of the above comments seem like simple thought from simple minds. Peace and read a book, you just might learn something!

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