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Pavlik fight on hold for now

So, what's wrong with paydays? I like 'em. Besides, there are no guaranteed winners in a boxing match. Try it sometime If you think it's "Nothing but a payday". Kelly Pavlik made it to the top of his profession - how about you?

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Valley ranks high in least-educated areas of the US

Wow, a liberal website (Huffington Post) telling everyone that business can't prosper unless the masses are educated. I'm puzzled because that's not keeping with the Democrat party line - keep the masses dumb, uneducated, and needy and they will be dependent upon the government which can then control them. What's up with the Huffington Post???

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‘I’m still ticked off’

No Heart? Are you kidding? I clearly remember his in-the-ring & unrehearsed comment immediately after the first fight with Jermain Taylor. When Kelly was asked about the 2nd round knockdown he suffered. Kelly said, "I was hurt, but I wasn't done." He wasn't done! Try to imagine yourself beaten down the way he was and having to make the decision he had to make - to get up for more or lay down and stay where it's safe. I watched him climb up off that canvas and fight back with a champion's heart. We all saw how that courage and heart paid off. He has nothing to prove to anyone and he owes no-one an explanation. This kid reached the very top of his profession in an individual sport. There were no teammates to help him. How many of you critics have reached that pinnacle? Drop the jealousy and let's celebrate and honor one of the greatest people to come out of our hometown. Win, lose, or draw I have all the respect in the world for Kelly Pavlik.

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