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Purse snatcher strikes shoppers again in Boardman

@Lifes2Short: Good one! :-)
"They should arrest her/him just for looking like that!"

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School officials take new tack on bullying

WE'RE paying for the classes, so that, hopefully, ALL our kids will be safe from bullying. I'd like to see evidence-based outcomes on this type of program. I hope it has been shown to be successful in preventing bullying. Part of the problem with bullies is that that's all they know--the bullying program wouldn't get much support from some of these kids' parents, because home is where a lot of these kids learned to bully!

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Boardman police seek help in theft of purse at Aldi

I don't get it--was her purse in the shopping basket or did she have it on her person? One should NEVER put a purse in the shopping basket. NEVER. It should always be attached firmly to the body. All it takes is a couple seconds of inattention, and a purse in the basket can disappear.

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Mahoning libraries to extend hours

I hope there's enough $$ left over to purchase new books and electronic books. Our local libraries rarely have any of the new books I'm looking for. I hope they use this money wisely.

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Avid speller comes of age in first grade

You rock, Bronx! Wishing you the best!

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Center custodian pleads his case for promotion

Education level? For a custodian job? I would think that 30 years of experience would trump any education!!

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Bald-eagle sighting catches Austintowner by surprise

A friend and I saw a bald eagle when we were kayaking on Lake Newport in Mill Creek Park a couple years ago. I guess they're here...just not many of them.

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No more Mr. Nice Guy

After doing some brief research, it appears that JWH-018 (1-pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole) is the active ingredient in this substance. It's a synthetic analogue of THC--the active ingredient in marijuana--and can have an effect that's up to FIVE TIMES STRONGER than marijuana. This information is available on Wikipedia:
I wonder if knowing this information would enable the tox screen to sniff it out. The other big problem with Mr. Nice Guy is that there are tons of counterfeits out there, and God only knows what their active ingredients are!

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I live in Boardman. Every morning I drink 2 quarts of water--first thing in the morning. I did this on Thursday morning. I didn't see the boil alert until later that day. Yesterday afternoon (Friday) I started feeling sick--nausea and headache. By bedtime I had a raging fever. It's Saturday morning now, and I still have a headache, but the fever and nausea are gone. And now Aqua is telling us that the tests they ran on the water Thursday morning did not show any pathogens? I doubt that very much. Power of suggestion might account for my nausea, but you can't "fake" a fever! I do count myself lucky--my husband is a transplant patient, very immuno-compromised, and he didn't get sick because he doesn't drink tap water. For him, an infection resulting from pathogens in water could have been a life-threatening event!

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Flooding woes hit Cortland

Sorry to hear about the flooding in Cortland. I live in Boardman, and we didn't get ONE DROP of much-needed rain!

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