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impdude (anonymous) says...

OhioAtty666 has it right. The parties involved all were shortsighted in their view of not having the city combine into a central high school downtown. First overall cost savings as well as decreasing property valuations could have been avoided. Now high costs and student flight both white and black have left a crumbling system spiraling downward .Once again if we can believe that 3 years of 5 million dollar savings will turn around a 46 million deficit I will be amazed They will probably give raises to all involved except teachers and wonder why the debt is uncontrolled. If the state wants to fix the issue take over and run it like a successful business.There are enough people at the water cooler at 20 West Wood . Put them to work and make them accountable ONE more assistant anything is one too many..

March 7, 2013 at 12:20 p.m. reply suggest removal