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Campbell police arrest 3 in burglary case

i left Campbell, and Youngstown all together years ago for my job. Friends and family called me a sell out, saying i felt "too good" to live there. Wake up people. Campbell isnt the town we grew up in in the 90s, 80s and earlier years. You know what's going to happen to these guys, nothing at all. A slap on the wrist. I hear there are groups in Campbell now cleaning up the park and Wilson Avenue which is a beautiful thing. But how about fighting with your city and county officials to get rid of this trash that has ruined your town. I'm sick and tired of people blaming the bad economy on the string of robberies that have been taking place. Last time i check, its not middle class america who has been laid off from their jobs and need money for their families who are committing these crimes. its not the economy, its a bunch of low lifes who probably never held a job in their lives, trying to get rich off of the working man. Sick of it and with this judicial system, this country is getting worse and worse.

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Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos of Campbell arrested on drug charges

@aware, just a little fyi, his adoptive parents had him in their home years and years before he was 18. The adoption became legal his senior year. Not sure if you know or not but that's a big reason why those who do adopt choose to go to other countries, b/c the usa makes it a very difficult process that can take over a year, if not longer. The kid is an idiot who made a huge mistake, i dont know what his upbringing was before he was adopted. But i will tell you that the Koullianos family was far from riding this kids coat tails. The father is a very successful physician. The didnt need him for his future money. Say what you want about the kid, but please know the whole story about his family before you, or any of you talk.

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Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos of Campbell arrested on drug charges your telling me at the age of 23, you have any no males make mistakes b/c they are matured? lol i seriously can't believe i'm surrounded by so many perfect people in youngstown!

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Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos of Campbell arrested on drug charges

I'm not sticking up for him at all! I said it before, he's a moron! but just b/c he has a scholarship, does that mean he's not human? We as a society tend to think these people are not human and shouldnt make mistakes! No i wasn't offered scholarships or have a future in the nfl, but my hardworking parents paid over $100,000 in all of my schooling for me to be who i am today. i messed up, i let them down. but good thing for my parents when i got caught smoking weed and when i was arrested w/ a dui charge, i'm not famous so it didnt make

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Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos of Campbell arrested on drug charges

ok first of all you should all get your facts straight before you open your mouths. first i'll start with mrrjytown...the heading says from Campbell...but why in all his Iowa career when they talk about him the heading always reads "mooney grad" also in all his years of accomplishments never once has the news or media contacted campbell coaches or teachers to see how they feel about this kid, but today they call? enough of that. moving on. Well maybe he's not "a kid" but i'm in my 40's and looking back, i still did some stupid stuff at 23. If you really knew what you were talking about you would know that the search warrant wasn't even for him, it was for his roomate. Derrell is not being charged with intent to sell, so he wasn't trying to make money, he made a mistake of doing drugs and putting himself in that situation. He's a moron for the decisions he made. But just like when kelly pavlick was winning and this whole town was chanting KELLY! KELLY! he's in rehab and he's a drunken piece of crap to those same people! and you are all doing the same to derrell. If only we could all live perfect lives and come from families who never did anythign wrong and geez your kids! they all must be saints!

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Iowa WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos of Campbell arrested on drug charges

i have to say one, i hope Derrell learns from his mistakes and can get past this. Let's not forget he is a kid, we have grown adults in the NFL that have been charged with murder/rape/drugs/battery and once they get back on the field and win for their team, all is forgiven and forgotten. second, i think his parents should still hold their heads high b/c they are good parents. All children make mistakes, except their children's mistakes aren't plastered all over the news! and third, on a lighter note, isn't it funny that Derrell has always been associated with Mooney when they talk about his football career, now he messed up and he's a Campbell kid now!

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Clarett plans to keep playing

@ysu4ever, i really hope your joking about Chaney HS being a shining star lol you wanna talk about thugs?? I really wish The Vindicator and the local news reported all the fights and out of control brawls that go in that school. I guess its not a big deal that a gun was recently pulled there right?

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Dad arraigned in bat-beating case

Same thing happened in Canfield...did that father get in trouble? hmmmm

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Youngstown police investigating assault at downtown club

joydav...are you serious? so white woman make black men lazy? hahaha i dont even think i can comment on this b/c i wouldnt know where to start or where to begin!

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Valley shrimp are no shrimps

Why would he want to have a business on the South Side?? People can't even go to church or to a wedding w/out being shot and killed!

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