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Anti-vaccine moms discuss their thinking amid backlash

Well, nothing people do is perfect. Medications often have side-effects (both positive and negative), and similarly laws and regulations (political programs) have unanticipated consequences.

Who are the anti-vaxxers making vulnerable? Their own families, and the few people who got innoculations which did not confer immunity.

When down-sides are discussed in the media lately, they mention only the death rates from communicable diseases, but fail to mention blindness and other harm. Perhaps the people at NIH, CDCP and the surgeon-general have decided they are beneath their notice.

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Canfield immigrant endured prison, but now US citizen

He had a temporary visa. He knew it was a temporary visa, but over-stayed, as do about 40% of illegal aliens. The immigration lawyer on whom the family relied to keep up with such things failed, and should probably be at least disbarred for a year or two.

But when VCG was arrested at the end of 2007, he could have agreed to return to Romania of his own accord and apply for entry again and all would likely have been forgiven.

Let's see... released at the end of 2008, green card for 5 years (end of 2009?), so that was certainly accelerated over the 5-10 years we read getting through the green card application process usually takes; didn't lose job, went back to visit Romania in 2010, met wife in 2011, married in 2012, citizen in 2015... it all seems very whirlwind (compared, e.g., with the desultory job markets and US economy since 2000).

But now that he's a US citizen, he is welcome. May he and his always be good, productive, and defenders of the USA... full members of the polity.

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Poland woman files invasion of privacy suit over hacked home cameras

"Need that statement explained a little better!"

The consultant she hired, and her ISP have traced them, but aren't willing to name names until they get a court order.

I'm not surprised to see such systems hacked, but wishing the penalties in both prison time and fines and restitution could be set sufficiently to deter them given the odds of being caught and prosecuted/sued.

There are government agencies (federal, state, and local) whose secretaries/ directors/ presidents/ provosts/ chancellors/ principals should be taken to the wood-shed and held personally responsible for their violations of privacy, too.

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Rep. Johnson peps up crowd at annual GOP event

Pretty good... but these days I have to wonder whether any congress-critter's legislation drafting and voting will match his public statements.

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Westminster College STEM programs recognized by media company

(sarc) Yes, by golly! Striving mightily to add more millions of unemployed US citizen STEM workers to the unemployment and welfare lines! Oh brave new world. (/sarc)

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VXI to add 175 jobs at its Youngstown site

Just what the world does not need, another cross-border bodyshop, to give cheap, poor-quality service.

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Ohio, Pa., students compete at YSU in programming event

But are they selecting for the best "data processors", the best software developers, or simply people who are more apt to enjoy such events?

IBM is interested in finding cheap, young, pliant labor with flexible ethics. They've lagged the software and hardware quality curve since at least 1968.

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Senate bill would simplify municipal income tax systems

Tax and regulatory creep warning: Every "reform" increases the burden and numbers burdened.

And when people block one avenue of worsening, the pols and bureaubums increase their power through every crack and loop-hole they can manage to insert or hallucinate.

Back in the mid-1800s Ohio did not have state and local income extortions, just a small property/wealth tax amounting to no more than $1-$2 for the vast number of ordinary working people. Local volunteers were still building churches and schools and community centers with their own hands and resources, and the political indoctrinators and the like hadn't taken over for nearly another century (between 1930s and 1960s).

In the part of Ohio where I lived, they did not have city income extortion until about 1970, and it wasn't long after that the state government grabbed for power and others' earnings.

Here's a reform! Require the local, county, state and federal governments to live within OUR means.

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Steel companies seek level field of global competition

That would be too high; it would cause a tariff war, with each country jacking up its own tariffs up in retaliation. This is what happened with the Smoot-Hawley tariff of the 1930s.

I seem to recall reading around 2004 that the average tariff the USA charges as being between 2% and 8%, while the average other countries charge on USA-made goods at up over 45%.

I'd rather see something more like Herman Cain's 9-9-9 proposal (not exactly his, but a little like it), with a 9% normal tariff to import to the USA, a 9% total personal income extortion (federal+state+local, not 9% local + 9% state + 9% federal). That doesn't include dumping penalties, though. Even with dumping, though, there's some good economic reason to not retaliate, but simply take the less expensive goods and make use of them to boost our own well-being.

I have read that before 1917, most of the federal government's revenues came from import tariffs, and that, before 1912, the rest was made up by a tax on the states, proportional to the population of each.

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Trumbull Democrats revise bylaws, outlaw secret balloting

Wow! A blast from the past. This is exactly how the old political machines operated a century ago. Herd voters into wards, each of which was internally homogeneous, but each different from the others, a boss/"ward healer" in each to grant favors and wield power, set up plum jobs for friends and harass political enemies.

Who do you think is going to be the Dems' new Boss Tweed?

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