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Cuba appears to be changing, but U.S. Senate will need proof

Oh, that evil Cuban government!
But wait -- two quick points about ourselves.
1. We have unsuccessfully spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to get the government of this small island overthrown, and continue to happily spend, spend, spend (Know Alan Gross? He's "our" subcontractor, and he had been spending our regime-change dollars, while on a tourist visa there, before they threw him in the hole). By far most of the Cubans rotting in prison (and in the process of being freed now) are there not because they spoke out, but because they took U.S. taxpayer dollars, from programs designed to overthrow their government.
Even here, in the Land of the Free, we have a law against citizens termed "unregistered agents of a foreign government." And believe me, our government cracks down on them; there are dozens of "unregistered agents" serving long-term sentences in U.S. prisons. Would we happily agree to send them to freedom in Spain if China asked for some "affirmative action", or else?
2. Our 50-year old embargo: From all I hear and understand after traveling to Cuba for more than a decade, most Cubans genuinely hate the embargo we impose on them. That includes (I would argue) most Cubans that tend to be mostly critical of the Cuban government. Heck, according to surveys, 65 percent of Cuban AMERICANS would prefer Washington allow all Americans to travel freely to Cuba.
After all, we're the Land of the Free, are we?
The Cubans are a proud people, and we don't even realize how we're bullying them -- unsuccessfully at that.
When it comes to Cuba, we're merrily shooting our own foot, cry in pain, and don't even try to understand why.
It's time for some affirmative action in Washington. Let's tell that to our Senators and Representatives.

Johannes Werner
Cuba Standard
Sarasota, FL

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