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For president: Barack Obama

Youngstown do you realize how other parts of Ohio view u? Obama lovers. The most depressed town in Ohio, and you people have no clue. Get beat over the head for 4 years, and then ask for more.
Your down to one major hospital. One local University, and One Automobile manufacturer. Your young people go away to college, for a brighter future than what Youngstown can ever offer, and how many go away, and never come back?
You have become a valley of retired folks and blue collar workers. Your downtown is pathetic. Your unemployment rates are high, and you are known for nothing.
When Obamacare forces the mom and pop employers to go out of business, and you, YES YOU, have to contribute to higher taxes to pay for this socialed medical care, and you find that your current Doctors are no longer excepting Medicare patients...I want to see how many would vote for this guy again.
How many forclosed homes are there now? Too many to keep track of. Is there any attraction for anyone to ever want to move there, unless you were born there? NO!!!!
Soon you will become a ghost town. You rank as one of the highest unemployment towns in Ohio, and when General Motors goes bankrupt, (soon) because they can't compete with other auto manufactures, your sunk.
But just remember, you can call the White House at 3am and be sure your Saviour will answer the phone and come to your aid.

November 4, 2012 at 12:40 a.m. suggest removal

Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

A President who fully knew, every minute what was happening in Libya, but yet looks into the camera to viewers at home, and says he was totally unaware of what was going on or he would have beefed up security. Today we are minus three innocent people, because of his wrecklessness.

He has also commited an "act of war" in Libya and broken the constitution by not asking congress to become involved, but made the decision himself. This President has done nothing to show me he deserves his title. I will use the quote of his wife during the first campaign, however, I will change a word. "I have never been so ashamed to be an American citizen".

Obama gave money to wall street, he printed money to give Americans rebates to buy property. Look what happened. Today we have more people forclosed on than ever in the history of our country. Wall Street money makers still take home billions at our expense. Now he wants to inact Obamacare which will put many people on the street.

Business's will close due to the heavy tax rates he is imposing on them, and the fines and penalties of his govenment controlled medical plan.

Do you really think the middle class will not pay for this. Then he fooled you again.

Check the facts.

You Americans who stand behind a man who attended a church of hatred for other human life, and will stop at nothing to win the Presidency, including thug like behavior toward his opponent, will come to see the worst. when our enemies are praising him as the best candidate for the job, they are not endorsing an honest good man. They have no interest in America, but they do know they will be free to continue to build bombs, and destroy and masacre their own people. Today Russia stated that the Western country better not try to stop anything going on in Syria. And why such a threat? They know they have the power over what used to be the strongest Country in the World. We are no longer the leader, we are no longer in power. Obama wants to downsize the military. What great idea is that?

The next war will be held on american soil, but by then it will be to late. I leave you with what was told to us shortly after the NYC bombings of September 11th. The terriorists made a bold statement that the next time "they will destroy the American economy from the inside out". Is this playing out now? Think before you vote...and for all of us who believe. God Bless America.

November 3, 2012 at 9:12 p.m. suggest removal

Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

Now that the photos have been taken of Obama in NYC, he hops on his plane and forgets the devistation he leaves behind. Four days before people on Statin Island see any kind of relief efforts. To me, this is worse than the disaster of Katrina. However, by making an appearance, the foolish American's think he has general concern for them. No clean water, no heat, no electricity, no food, medicine or anything left to call home.

But the President of the United States feels it's more important to hop on board the luxury of Air Force One, and campaign. Of course he states "we will do whatever it takes to rebuild". Rebuild. huh..another lie. Right now, he has stated in his campaign that ending the war in Iraq, he will use that money to invest here at home, to creat jobs and build new infastructure. What he didn't tell the American people is that the money for the war in Iraq has all been borrowed. So again, a lie. Do we want to continue to borrow from China to build jobs in America? All this President has done is lied, one after the other, and yet with his gift of the tongue, he gets people to follow him.

I am an Ohioan. When the president was here at Ohio State University, he drew a crowd by bringing entertainment and Pizza to his ralley. Drawing the young voters. Most of whom haven't made it into the "real world" yet. After he was finished, he told the crowd, Now see all those busses? They will take you to the early voting polls." And who are you going to vote for?" Many here in Columbus, Ohio saw this as down right voter intimidation. But nothing came of the filed paperwork. The judge threw it out of court.

November 3, 2012 at 9:10 p.m. suggest removal

Romney ads draw fire from automakers






FOOL ME ONCE !!!!!!!

October 31, 2012 at 4:02 p.m. suggest removal

Romney ads draw fire from automakers

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers are with all those who suffered tragic loss in the path of the superstorm along the east cost, as well as other parts of the country. I agree it is time to not define as a Red State or a Blue State, but the UNITED STATES.

I would like to comment however on one point. I truely don't believe that Obama would have reacted so quickly and made such an appearance of being so truely concerned, if he didn't feel it was in his favor, being so close to the election.
Obama is one of the slickest Presidents in American History when it comes to trying to deceive the American People.
Where was he when Hurricaines ripped through the South, or during the crisis on Wall street, or when millions lost their homes to foreclosure and became homeless?
And where was he during the attacks which played out in real time in Libya?
We only know that he is there now, in front of millions,in front of the cameras, showing concern with the election 6 days away.

October 31, 2012 at 3:58 p.m. suggest removal


I am just giving an opinion on who "I" feel the better candidate will be in this election., So this year, I feel it is Romney.
Everyone has their entitlment to opinion. You sound like a cousin of mine named Frank...god I hope your not for Obama...granpaw on old Pearl St. would disown you.

October 25, 2012 at 10 p.m. suggest removal

Obama to bring Clinton to Valley

Ok, I'm back with avengence!!! Obama calls Romney a bullcrapper in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Obama has told the biggest lie to date ot Millions of Americans. "I will decrease the deficit, and I will get jobs for the American People. So far, 4 years and he is still telling the same fib. However he will make college affordable. So go to college for 4 years, get student loans easily, however you will never pay them off, because you won't have a job. Oh, but that's right, you went to Law school for several more years to get a really good career. Hope you enjoy wokring in one of his manufacturing positions he has promised to create. But how come your brother who dropped out of high school is working at the same plant, for the same pay? Hmmm, well don't complain, because he did make it easy for you to get your student loans to go to college.
And did you know that he said Mitt Romney was going to wipe out planned parenthood?
Women are hysterical over it. Doesn't he know that the funding is determined on a State level?...Well maybe that's why Mitt dropped it when he was Governor of State. Oh, and maybe it wasn't necessary since most women go to a doctor for cancer screenings and mamograms. Hmmm...maybe not in Chicago where Obama is from. Oh, but then we're getting into that 47% Mitt was talking about. But Obama shows the 47% as old war Veterans, and Old adults in nursing homes who are getting medicaid. But were are all the single moms who are getting medicaid and going to school with Obama's stimulus money?
I don't see any in his ads against Romney. That's really odd. And are all the food stamps going to these nursing home patients on medicaid? Can't be, they get meals from the facility they are in. But what are those new cards you swipe given out by the government to get your groceries at the grocery store? Must be a new kind of charge card. And wow, that lady with 6 kids in front of me in the line, must have one of those good paying jobs. Here I am trying to make ends meet, and she has name brand items in her cart. And wonder why she had to seperate her items into two orders. Well maybe she is just dividing up her groceries into food and alcohol and cigarettes. That sound really cool. I wonder if the government will give me a card like that so I can afford to eat well. Oh, wait, one of her kids says they feel sick. Why did she just say she would take them to the emergency room? I thought that was for people who had a bad emergency. Not for kids who don't feel well.
Boy she has it all....Wish I could be like her.

And this isn't a lie. However harsh you feel it is. It is the truth. Look around America. It's moving faster and faster, and you ask where did all the money we borrowed form China go to? And why are so many houses empty when the President gave out free money to pruchase a home?

I'm an American, and I approve this message!!!!!!!!

October 25, 2012 at 9:56 p.m. suggest removal

Obama to bring Clinton to Valley

I suppose Bill Clinton is being paid by the Obama campaign big bucks to follow him around with praise. Wasn't it during and after the election of 2008, Clinton despised Obama?
Today you will see Bill doing a colonoscopy on Obama. At the end, someone will have to pull his head outta Obama's a$$.

October 25, 2012 at 12:42 p.m. suggest removal


You should only hope Romney wins, or you may be facing the chineese here on American soil, not for jobs but in War. What do you tell them when they want paid back trillions in borrowed money from your saviour Obama.?
Again, uneducated on the truth...

October 25, 2012 at 12:38 p.m. suggest removal


Not intimidation, the facts....so fact check it. And before you decide if something is intimidating, educate yourself. You sound like your in that 47% Romney defines as voting for Obama no matter what.
I'll make the kool aid for Obama, heard he needs it for followers like you.
Typical !!!

October 25, 2012 at 12:19 p.m. suggest removal



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