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Bigben (anonymous) says...

howardin youngstown

Yes every American should be able to carry around some form of id .Most carry a wallet or purse with id when traveling to buy gas or walk to the store ect.So it is a lame excuse.A birth certificate or social security card is not so large that it could not easily be carried.As mentioned previously how else are the police suppose to know who is and who isn't a legal citizen.This concept in our country is not new.If someone dies how do you suppose the next of kin are identified come on now that was weak.The means to do this already exist and a new national id are unecessary.Lets enforce our laws that already exist.

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Bigben (anonymous) says...

I think most all states ask if you are a legal U.S. citizen .I would be curious to know those which don't .I'm not being arguemenative on this point I would really like to know.

If police pull drivers over and they have fake licenses then an officer can run the license and plates to autneticate them.

I would think a birth certificate would do for those folks traveling on foot.

Unsolved crimes-That is true there maybe some illegals that will not come foward to report crimes.I would say that is something that can be tolerated .Lets face it if they weren't in our country then they couldn't report the crime either and they do not belong here.One could also argue more illegals commit crimes than report crimes.

"What makes the law heinous is that there is a clause that allows for people to turn law enforcement officials/agencies if they feel that agency is not following the law to the fullest extent possible"- - - - -We already have that option and where it goes is up to the courts.

laws :

Anyone can turn in a ploice officer for not following the laws ."As for [F]ollowing the law to the fullest extent possible " ... and how "vague" the law seems- it pretty straight forward as you have it posted.It sounds like it has teeth.

I wouldn't mind seeing that clause posted in context so we can all see it.

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