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Who will cover Chevy Centre shortfall?

Thank you for pointing out that the priorities of the city administration are out of line. Protecting citizens must be a top priority. If it comes between entertainment and police, choose police! The city is servicing the Chevy Centre for all its repairs and contracting services to companies for big money! This should be looked at when we talk budget problems.

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City officials: It’s inevitable city workers will lose jobs

To layoff 26 officers when you know grant money is coming is insane! Why are the majority of the layoffs from one department? This is liberalism taking over our country when a mayor of a city that can't get a handle on the crime rate lays off a record number of police. Liberals don't think we need police!

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21-year-old man gets life sentence for raping 2-year-old girl

You'll get yours in prison after they find out what you did. I think parole eligibility should not have been handed down in this case.

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City budget looms; 34 workers face layoff

Does anyone remember the income tax increase from 2.25% to 2.75% in 2002 where a promise was made to bring back police and fire to stay?
Where is THAT money going? As a taxpayer, I would like to know.
Those same police officers laid off in 2002 will be laid off again with now nearly 10 years of service?
After the layoffs, the lowest in senority will have more than 10 years of service thus showing how often YPD actually hires police officers.
It is ludicrous to think YPD can survive a cut of 26 police officers when it is short-staffed now.
I agree with hooper31...does the mayor have something against the police department?
These are sworn police officers that protect the citizens of Youngstown and put their life on the line every day for the good of our community.
How can the mayor not protect the budget enough to save the jobs of these fine men and women who protect his citizens?
After all, wasn't crime reduction and safety of citizens two of the mayor's running platforms?
I haven't forgotten...and I hope the citizens of Youngstown haven't either.

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