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4 bedroom, 5 bath

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Liberty voters face 2 levy renewals

hmmmm, they say they only took how much from the fire dept. nice, try about 700,000

November 4, 2011 at 10:16 a.m. suggest removal

Liberty Trustee candidates Who’s running

they talk about patrolman and fire raises, they dont mention that they gave the sarges and capt's a 7.88 % raise each year. without going to arbitration. the cops wanted to take zero's and hire new patrol, ungaro said we'll give you a raise instead, and to fire, they said no raises. they wouldnt even negotiate with them, and whats funny is the arbitrator awarded them cash based on the financials, then the trustee's took that money to pay the cops (claiming it was for dispatch), and with all that they still gave the police sarg's and capt's 7.88 % a year for 3 years. they havent said a thing about that in the news , they keep the liberty residents in the dark and for some reason the vindicator only prints what pat ungaro wants them to print

November 4, 2011 at 10:13 a.m. suggest removal

Youngstown leads nation with poverty rate of 49.7%

well, i'll tell you i agree with all that you people say, politicians, reb or dem are all crooked and out for themselves. i've yet to meet a good person whose a politician, they are the bloodsuckers of society, leaching of the public to keep themselves in office. you want to fix this town and country. a flat tax for everybody. say 10%, no breaks, no deals, big business poor etc. also if your on welfare, no kids, no drugs, if you cant pay for yourself, you shouldnt be getting pregnant. and you shouldnt be sitting home getting high. if you do get a govt check, you should put in 30 hours a week in govt work such as meals on wheels, street and park clean-up, daycare, etc etc. if you commit one crime, its 6 months hard labor, 2nd crime just dig a grave, 3rd crime, well you get the idea. if you are willing to work at a job and its barely enough to get by the govt should step up and make sure you get benifits and food. all politicians would be more like a jury duty. if your between the ages of 25 to 65 you get called to serve your term in congress. with today's computers, i'm sure we can get a fair level of population so that all interest groups are covered. by interest group i mean, black, white, hispanic, college educated, middle class, low income. its a two year term. no longer people wasting millions of dollars to get reelected or do doing shady deals to keep in power, and if you get caught taking bribes, or lobbying, well bam, death penalty. all decisions should just be based on right or wrong, not whats gonna line our pockets. all these politcal worms, be they dems or rebublicans spend a lifetime usurping power and cash from the american people, so far removed from the real world. the only goal is to broker more power and keep themselves in office. .............
with that being said, i think issue to is a blatent abuse of power. do i think unions need to be reformed, yes, the sad thing is a few bad apples leave a bad taste in everyones mouth,.... i say sort out the apples, dont cut down the tree. i would be more supportive of sb5 if the powers that be would be taking the cuts as well, they are not. they weld all the power, its not right, its a very calculated attack on unions. everyone talks about bloated wages etc. i have a house valued at about 100000 and i pay about 2100 a year on prop . taxes. out of that 8% goes to fire, 10% goes to cops. thats 378 dollars a year for full time cops and fire. wow what a bargain. when you look at the individual and say wow look what he makes, i only make this much.. i know, i've done that with pro sports and ceo's. but i only went to school for 3 years to do what i do, not 8 or 10. i pay more for my car insurance than i do my fire and police and i never use that either. but its nice to have. all the people compain about what it costs them. ask the corrupt politicians where the money goes.

November 3, 2011 at 7:27 p.m. suggest removal

2 sides of Issue 2

oh yeah and for the guy who posted the roundtable web links, they are pro sb5, of course they skew thier numbers. blah blah blah, chico how much do you actually pay for your safety services.. give me a dollar amount, no one seems to want to do that, greece, europe, . america, corporate greed put us here, people on wall street making millions and millions, with cadillac benifits put us here. politicians put us here. well i've read where service people are being compared to safety services... guess what , there wont be any service jobs cuase the middle class wont have any money to spend, that'll be great for the economy, vote yes on issue 2 that way we can speed up the destruction of the backbone of america. the real tax base, the people that dont get all the loopholes.

November 3, 2011 at 6:47 p.m. suggest removal

2 sides of Issue 2

kasich's the wall street guy, the guy who worked for leahman brothers. yeah toycannon, he's great for the state, if you want to fix double dipping fix it, why not address specific problems instead of cutting off the head of the unions.

November 2, 2011 at 9:28 p.m. suggest removal

2 sides of Issue 2

ok, ok, i walked away from these pages for a week because the stupidity was killing me, pro sb5 people, come on, teachers retiring as millionairs, your kidding right, i know quite a few teachers and millworkers and firemen, i'm thinking most are at 30 to 35 a year. i know that i will get between 60 to 72 %, for the 72 i'd have to stay 33 years. that would make me 63 because i started later, hmmmm, 63 year old man figting fire and carrying people down stairs etc etc, most likely i'll get 60 %, my pay is 48,000 when i reach 8 years of service as paramedic and firefighter. lets be generous and say 3000 in ot, thats if someone got hurt or whatever, thats a big number but i'd rather err on a large scale to make a point, so if my three highest years at 51000, now thats gross, Thats approx 30000. out of that i'll pay 400 a month for ins covarage. i currently pay 160 a month for my benefits. i think someone threw out the 200 a month number. not to far off, we have a reopener for ins for the next two years. that means that the admin. can reopen negotions to raise our payments. wow, so much for union power there. and again i pay 10% for my retirement. which a statement was made that we are unaffected by wallstreet, not true, i get my statements with extra money i put in, and its bye bye just like anyone else. and people talk about taxes per year. do you really have any idea how much you pay towards police and fire out of your taxes. I got a breakdown of my taxes from the auditors page. I paid 2100 in property taxes. out of that 8% went to fire, 10% went to police. thats 168 bucks for fire, and 210 for cops. wow, saving that money will def make a difference. and keep in mind with that wage, i've got about 3 years of school under my belt. i do 50 hours of cont education to keep my certifications. wake up, people, this is crazy, we will all be making 12000 a year. no benifits, and what kind of jobs are everyone gonna get. lets all make 9 bucks an hour, then the only people with anything are the rich. its becoming 1890 all over again. labor has no rights, lets get our kids back to work in the factories, read your history books folks, there is a reason there are unions. yes some unions have been corrupt in the past so have some govt officials, funny you dont hear anyone saying get rid of the govt. you dont cut off an arm for a broken thumb. if union reform needs to happen, address the problems, not remove the whole union. that proves its union busting.

November 2, 2011 at 8:55 p.m. suggest removal

SB 5 is an attack on labor rights

as far as the guy who thinks public sector is lazy and we couldnt handle it in the real world, what do you do, i dont think you could keep up with me buddy, let me tell you about my day, come to work, clean and do daily duties, run any medical calls or fire calls that come in, than we train for a few hours, plus we usually do some guest apperance at someones community function at least once a month from spring to fall, ask my wife when i get home in the morning exhausted from running calls all night. to presume you work harder than me is arrogance. not to mention my second job that i have to work. i must work for the wrong department. i saw your quote on one set of findings, well there is about five or six others that state public makes less, do the search. anyone interested in the truth can search public vs private sector, and by the way i wont be retiring till 60, we have a 25 year min, thats because our jobs are demanding, horrible back injury's, heart attacks, cancer and lung problems. we dont ride a desk, you cant expect a 67 year old to lift a 350lb person out of tub or fight a basement fire. i know two guys that retired, guess what they are still working other jobs to defer health care costs. so much for cadillac retirement. we have had only two retire in the last ten years by the way, so its not like 2 out of 20 people, its 2 out of 2 still working. i give my hats off to all physical jobs out there, contruction, laborors, pipefitters, landscapers, electricians, etc. we all put in a hard days work hats off to ya. also one last comment, alot of public workers have degree's and schooling.. ff/medics have over 3 years of ed to do our jobs plus we do about 75 hours a year of cont. ed. compare out wages to people with associates degree's and 4 year degree's. otherwise its not fair

October 28, 2011 at 8:59 a.m. suggest removal

SB 5 is an attack on labor rights

ok, i see the same crap here, the reb party blah blah blah, ......... the unions get everything, private gets nothing, hey do the research, multiple sites, in all the sites i pulled up comparing wages, fire vs public, private vs public, avg wages of ohio firefighters etc, only 1 claims public makes more, most at least 7 or 8 gave numbers, stats, etc stating that private make approx 5 to 7 more percent than public. and many of public unions are now indeed paying much more than in decades past, for retirement and healthcare. i myself pay 10% for both, and we have reopeners for health care which means we will have to pay more each year. this bill is union busting plain and simple otherwise they wouldnt be killing a tree to print just one copy. are all unions bad, no are all corps evil no, you dont cut off the arm when you have a broken bone, you mend it. you want reform, tired of lazy union workers, how bout some standards that have to be met. if you dont make the standard than you can lose your job. how about townships and cities forming boards that meet and search out the best prices for insurance, and hwo about the politicians taking a paycut. yeah, tell the grunts you make to much, how about administrators, pencil pushers, blow hards taking a cut in benifits. are you gonna stop the burglar breaking into my house or intervine during an hear attack, or teach my kids to read. we have more chiefs and not enough inidans. while politicians sit aournd and pat each other on the backs and tell each other how great they are, we the workers, keep the wheels turning. with sweat, and blood and heart.

October 28, 2011 at 12:27 a.m. suggest removal

Which side in SB 5 argument has best pay deal?

ok, time for more of my 2 cents, i worked a non union job for years, and guess what they lost a class action lawsuit after abusing workers by making them work off the clock, miss breaks, work thru lunches, and if you didnt you didnt get a good review, which meant a small or no raise, i left, a few years later the company decided to reclassify jobs so if you worked somewhere that was only worth 9 bucks an hour and you had been there for 18 years and where making 15 bucks an hour, guess what stay at 9 or get fired, real fair. thats a business with no union. i paid for my benifits and i got sick days just like i do now, but now, i cant get fired if my boss wants me to work for free and i dont do it. and some good points where made why isnt kasucks taking a pay cut, how can he give raises, we, the backbone of this country, the blue collar worker are being targeted by the ruling elite. i pay 10% for health care now, with a reopener this year which means its gonna go up, i'm okay with that. when i retire yes i get a pension, but i'm also gonna pay between 400 and 500 for family benifits. and i pay into social security, which is your pension, and i dont get any of it. i've said it before, the facts are all on the net, look it up, fire and pd contracts are public record, look it up, stop buying into all the bs. and giving the governing body total say is horsecrap, we have a fair system now, binding arbitration looks at a townships financial records, tax base etc. they dont just come in and spin a wheel to decide a wage, and the steel barrons soldt out america because they couldnt stuff enough money into thier own pockets, 2/5 is union busting, here's a good comparison for pro 2 people, you break your arm what do you do? do your cut off the whole arm or do your cast the arm and let it heal. sb5 cuts off the arm, it doesnt fix anything. comparing pension to soc sec is not apples and oranges, its granny smith vs golden delicious. toy, the reb dont want to run the govt. they want to hant it over to big business and let them rape the state, sb5, private turnpike, etc. whats next, sweat shops, child labor, well not for the rich's kids, but for most of us. i'll bet, we are resetting the clock back to turn of the century america where workers had no rights. if business was fair we wouldnt need unions, but business is not fair.

October 28, 2011 at 12:12 a.m. suggest removal

Senate Bill 5/Issue 2: How did we get here?

anyone want to know the wages, its the web, type in avg pay for ff in ohio, columbus 40,000, y-town 39,000 cinci, 40,000 etc etc, also type in private vs public sector, it will give many states most point towards actuall govt as in politicians and their staff making the most, hmmmmmmmm curious the people that want to cut our pay make more. i actually went thru about ten sites yesterday and only one states that ff's avg 67,000 a year. that was a national site, and if someone knows of this dept please let me know, cuase i'd like an appication. i pulled up ohio specificly and what i posted above was only a few of the depts. i listed the biggest there are many more so by all means people look it up

October 25, 2011 at 5:06 p.m. suggest removal


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