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200 pay tribute to Struthers boy who police say was abused

JANEDOE im with you on that 1. where was 1 of them to protect teddy? NOW everybody wants to stand up for him? if i thought 1 kid in my family was being hurt, id be at that house everyday if the law didnt help. break a window, fight do whatever it takes to get the police. police means news news means the public is listening. DO something dont just watch it happen then cry when someone dies. everybody that thought something was wrong with teddy and did nothing failed him. RIP TEDDY!!!!!!!

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Widdersheim remains jailed, uncooperative in son’s death probe

it was that mothers responsibility to protect that child. ok if he was beating her and she didnt do nothin thats her,but any good mother would die protecting her child,not letting her child die. now shes not helping the police! she still protecting that pos. if she gets out she will have another child that she will let die. she should get life in prison!if she dont, shame on our system it would have failed teddy twice!

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Officials: Isolation enabled fatal abuse in Teddy's life

if they woulda rallied together like this when he was alive maybe this wouldnt have happened.where was all this family when he was being hurt? such a terrible tragady! let this be a wake up call to those who believe a child is being hurt. stand strong and yell loud. be heard dnt let this happen again!

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What happened to Teddy?

i think the mother should be charged with the same as that man. she is worse.that was here child to protect! she knew what was goin on. im sure that wasnt the 1st time he hit that poor little boy. he will get his in prison. those men dnt like child abusers or child molesters and he is both. and teddys father is a joke. where was he? now he wants sympathy. RIP TEDDY! your safe now baby!!!!!!!!

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Burger King drops supplier linked to horsemeat

if horsemeat is in their burgers, whats in ours?

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Sharon High basketball player, 17, killed in shooting

my prayers go out to his family and loved ones! so sad to see a life taken so young. sharon is turning into a little youngstown. somebody better put a big foot down now. that town is to small for murderers to be running around like they do in youngstown.

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Police shoot driver, mother in chase

i wish i knew the whole story. how do we no the mom wasnt beggin him to stop?

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Men posing as snow shovelers invade Girard home, steal firearms

i have a gun put away but i also have a big pit that barks very loud whenever anybody knocks on my door. so id say to everybody, get a big loud dog if your not gonna answer your door with a gun. most of these stupid criminals will run from a dog! or choose the house that dnt have a dog!

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Youngstown woman sentenced on riot, burlgary charges

wow break into a house and beat the person who lives there up and only get probation!! wonderful message judges!! thats why i have a pit bull, i dare someone to come in my house unwanted!

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UPDATE: 28 dead in Connecticut school massacre; shooter ID corrected

my prayers are with everyone involved in this. may GOD heal your hearts and carry you through the sorrow!

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