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To all those who want pro hockey at Chevy Centre

This topic is double edged. I personally would like to see professional hockey players who are getting some kind of compensation to play hockey. The article didn't mention on terms of level of hockey that if the kids are lucky, they then move on to D1 college hockey from juniors most of the time, so, why are we skipping minor league and D1 sanctioned hockey and supporting these kids who are not at those levels yet, we are contributing money to them getting to a higher level of hockey that we won't be able to see. Why not get the highest level we can for our money for Ytown? The skill, speed, and strength of men playing hockey as compared to 16-20 year old boys is uncomparable. Although, sometimes the junior players can be exciting, ultimately... when I work hard all week and pay to see hockey in Youngstown, I want a professional team in a professional rink. Try this on for size... when I buy a jersey for my kid, I don't want a jersey of some kid who attends a local high school part-time while he plays here for the Phantoms for a year then goes to D1 club hockey or D3 college hockey or can't do either of those and just becomes a regular person like me and you. We need professionals!

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