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Church murder suspect's parents charged with retaliation

Well, now we know where he got his heartless behavior from!!!!

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USHL awards hockey franchise to Bruce Zoldan for Chevy Centre

Give it up Red. How many times have you seen the number one or number two draft picks in the NHL play in a Hounds game (either for or against)? Both Eric Johnson and Phil Kessel have played at the Chevy Centre in a Junior A game against the Phantoms. Numerous Phantom players are now at major college programs including Notre Dame, Michigan and Michigan State. A player from last years team, Alden Hirshfeld, played for Miami in the NCAA championship game this year. The Hound players were a bunch of has been's, never were's and never will be's that haven't figured out that it's time to move on and get a big boy job. That brand of hockey was a joke. The first "fight" ever at the Chevy Centre had the spotlight on the two fighters before the puck was even dropped (yeah, that wasn't choreographed for the fans to spike interest). The game was slower and less skilled than a lot of Midget Major programs out there. They were more like WWE wrestling than hockey. If you want professional hockey, go to Cleveland to see the Monsters of the AHL or Columbus to watch the Jackets of the NHL. If you want semipro, the Wheeling Nailers are not too far away. If the product was so great, why did the attendance average per game drop from a little over 4000 for the 05-05 season to 3300 in 07-08? The Phantoms attendance average has been growing every year, and almost doubled when they make the jump to the Chevy Centre. With the announcement of the new league affiiliation and a new marketing plan, the numbers will only increase with or without your presence. If you don't want to support them, that's fine. Just quit speaking for all of least until you learn the diference between real hockey and a gong show.

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Chevy Centre, USHL deal appears close

I think valleyred and blujackets are nuts, the steelhounds are old washed up players that will never make it to a higher level of play and refuse to let go and grow up. The boys on the phantoms are great young men involved in the community that want to better themselves and receive schlorships to major colleges and be better people and not some old washed up player who refuses to accept that they will never be in the nhl. go to the phantoms website and educate yourselves about what these boys do in the community and all of the college schlorships that previous players for this organization have received!

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