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Lives lost or saved is at heart of debate over drinking age

"the bottom line of this debate is one of lives saved or lost. And that is primarily a drunken driving issue." I do not believe drunken driving is or should at the heart of the minimum legal drinking age debate. The statistic oft cited by MADD is that many hundreds of lives are saved each year due to less alcohol related traffic fatalities among 18-21 year olds. This statistic strikes me as a no-brainer. If you take any segment of the adult population and illegalize alcohol for them, the alcohol related traffic fatalities for that group will decrease drastically: 24-27, 30-35, 55-60. You name the group and I guarantee you will see lives saved by illegalizing alcohol for them. Drunk driving is a serious issue and it should be dealt with by laws with harsh punishments for offenders, not with age discrimination.

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