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Campbell advances measure to ban gun stores in residential areas

steelermom, are you serious. Do you honestly believe those children were in danger because law abiding citizens who have had a background check and safe gun handling training were exercising their right to arm themselves? You need to wake up and realize that criminals will be armed no matter what stupid laws your council decides to pass, just like those businesses that post "no guns" do you think criminals see that sign and turn the other way? no, it tells them "come rob me, because i cant protect myself!"

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Ohio gun owners want concealed weapons in bars

the law would state that if you are carrying a gun, you could not be intoxicated. this law is more for resuraunts like Aplebee's and olive garden, where they serve food and achohol. nikki goesser's testimony was moving, check it out. She watched her husband get shot multiple times and she a CHL holder could do nothing because she had to leave her weapon in the car because the resturant served alcohol.

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Protest march to replace gun-law rally in Campbell

This is ridiculous, what makes you think that gun shop in your city is bad? Criminals cant buy guns legally, and the security measure that a gun shop has to take to store their inventory makes it a very difficult place to steal the guns. PLUS IT IS A VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHTS.

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