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Squeezed for space, Lemon Grove plans move to former Rosetta Stone

@author50 $130,000 is the amount Jacob stated he invested in 122 W Federal. This was over the course of at least for years. No one is linking that number to the new property besides you.

The application to transfer his permit was filed March 12th.

He hopes to used the Kickstarter money to decorate the interior, not to purchase the building. The Lemon Grove is moving to 110 W Federal regardless.

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Financial-aid disbursements delayed at YSU for fall semester

The fact that they waited until the day loans were to be disbursed to inform us has put me in a really bad place. I didn't need to pay my rent last night, but I did. I didn't need to completely fill my gas tank Wednesday, but I did. Now I have $9 to my name for the next two weeks. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

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Browns fall to Ravens, 24-17

The time intervals between your posts were far more entertaining than your comments.

19 minutes later: "I thought of another HILARIOUS browns joke! I must get to NOW!"

42 minutes later: "Yes! Another one! Oh man, am I good..."

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Acclaimed downtown eatery closes

btw...I'm not basing my comments on one specific case, they're based on the first hand experiences on 3 dear friends and multiple acquaintances. I just happened to be there when one of them got their mail.

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Acclaimed downtown eatery closes

Meh...I don't think there will be any true lawsuits soon, since his lack of anything comparable to HR leaves little room for informing his employees of their legal rights and no documentation to back anything up in court, and the compensation wouldn't be worth the battle, but I know for sure that he has been at the loosing end of one State ruling regarding job termination (I've read the official, certified documents).

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Acclaimed downtown eatery closes

I'm downtown a few times a month and had always felt safe, but the Love Lounge is sincerely starting to worry me. The last few weekends I've been on Federal have included full blown brawls in the street amongst that crowd. I really feel like it's only matter of time before the wrong person gets involved.

That, coupled with the fact that I won't even step in the Lemon Grove because of how poorly Jacob treats his employees (although I have heard a potential remedy is in place), is turning me off downtown...I used to be there 3-4 times a week.

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Diocese proposes church mergers

Campbell has so many churches not only because of the varying ethnic groups, but also because they were established during a time when having a place to worship within walking distance was very important.

I'm sure if you looked far enough into the history of where you live, you'll find plenty of previous churches that eventually closed down because of declining parishioners (and therefore financial contributions).

That said, the fact that they were able to sustain themselves for this long seems like more of an accomplishment than a criticism to me.

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Hagan hurt in assault in café

Government needs to this, government needs to do that...That's fine, go ahead and wait. In the mean time, you can expect the 'new adult' population to seize the opportunity and utilize some dirt cheap property in an attempt push downtown in another direction, for better or worse.

The Lemon Grove may just be yet another bar after 10pm, but they support too many progressive locals to consistently deserve that label. The display and sell local art, provide a popular venue for non-mainstream performing arts (people are implying they were over capacity at a tap dance show? in Youngstown?!), host discussion, debate, and reading groups , showcase some of the local ethnic groups with themed music and food once a month...Even when they are just being another bar end on weekends, the live entertainment is nothing like anything else you can find in this area (it's easy to see why so many natives were quick to categorize the belly dancers as strippers, since that's all 'we' know).

That may not sound significant to all the naysayers --- I know too many people are just sitting around waiting for someone to wave a magic wand overnight (be it the government, some giant industry, whatever) so they can wake up to a booming, crime free Youngstown again --- but at least it's something! Who knows how many young people that are passionate about the more independent arts may be inspired by the potential 'success' they see at this venue? And they are forwarding their share of money to the government. Maybe, just maybe, a portion of that will be truly reinvested in some magical way that will make the city more appealing to our true 'saviors.'

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Hagan hurt in assault in café

Visual and performing artists are freaks now?

Well, I can honestly say I'd rather watch the freak show than strippers or another cover/garage band (since that's generally the only other live entertainment you can get in this area after 8pm).

Low end jobs are jobs. The governments see money from their property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, permits, etc. All this money may not be given directly to Youngstown, but this entire country is one giant business, and the state and federal governments aren't going to reinvest it in us until they see a potential for growth.

You can hope that low end bars and restaurants may lead to other low end businesses that open to provide other low end necessities like gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and so on...

...or you can just sit inside and watch a city die, if that's what gets you off.

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Assault witness says Hagan was belligerant one

Chiming in again.. can't help myself when I see numbers that don't add up!

The auditor's site says the lot is 24.5 x 150 = 3675 square feet. If the 15 feet per person is correct, times 134 = 2010, that means that about 31% of the lot can be occupied by other things (not sure what would be considered other..bathrooms? Kitchen? Stage? Behind the bar? idk).

Either way, it stills sounds right to me. Like DrGoo said, that picture doesn't show the other half of the interior or the little patio they have outside the back (or is that an 'other' thing?), which are usually pretty sparsely occupied when there is live entertainment.

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