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Port authority earns stripes from pact with Penn National

Considering the Western Reserve Port Authority support for a sales tax increase on small family business's and on people visiting our area, I find it typical being a "non- profit" semi - government organization to turn around and help reduce sales tax for a major corporation. Personally. I don't think Penn National is a welfare case.

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We'd like to show you Bob Dylan, but ...

Bob's piano playing against the wall of sound was mind expanding, truely outstanding, His voice cut like a chainsaw, chopping down the music until it hit with a thud inside your brain, Thanks Bob.

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What do we get for our money?

To raise taxes on business's to spur economic development is an oxymoron.

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Has port authority justified its value?

Congressman Ryan supports higher taxes on business's and visitors to spur economic develoment. Does not sound like a logical policy. Higher taxes on visitors and business will deter them from staying in the area, which will cause a downturn in economic activity.

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Official explains why Western Reserve Port Authority asked for money

Why should Mahoning County pass a tax that would be used to help business's locate from Mahoning into Trumbull? How stupid do they think our government officials our?

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SCOPE is as open as it has to be

Mr. Lynn's editorial is bias. Mahoning hotels already contribute over $500,000 a year in bed tax to the WRPA, yet his editorial doesn't mention that. What happen in Toledo, a loss of over 800 hotel rooms, would very likely happen here if there is a bed tax increase.

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Bed tax increase proposal dominate Mahoning commissioners meeting

Mahoning County will lose more tax revenue than gain. The tax would make it higher than New York City. People who book rooms for a living consider the rate of tax and would frown on placing people here. Common sense needs to be used.

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Hike in Mahoning County bed tax in limbo

The bed tax issue comes down to a simple question: If you were traveling woud you want to stay at a place that charges you a rate of 14 and 3/4 % or drive a short way and pay much less. Over time Mahoning County would lose more tax money than gain.

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Let’s lose offensive mascots

Only if a small percentage of people are offended by Chief Wahoo thats reason enough for changing it to one that is inoffensive. I think Chief Wahoo is popular because its one of the last racist caricatures being used in popular media. Its hard to let go of the past but the Wahoo can no longer be seen as an inoffensive cartoon depicting a Native American its a racist caricature.

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