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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

I've never seen God.....never seen electricity or wind either, but I have seen the effects of all three working in people's lives. Maybe you should read about mathematician Blaise Pascal's wager where he states that even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should wager as though God exists, because living life accordingly has everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Read more:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal%2... and

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

yocograd69 - I was referring to normal pregnancies of the type that abortionists end, not something like a tubal pregnancy. This is just more evidence of how the pro-choice (to kill unborn babies) crowd tries to distort things. Again, I refer you to the comments made by NARAL founder, Bernard Nathanson to see how their strategy works, and to the Margaret Sanger site referenced above for a better understanding of what you are really supporting.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

"She was not raped, had something medically wrong that being pregnant would kill her, and she was not a victim to incest" . . . . nor are 95% of the women who have abortions. In fact no abortions are done to truly protect the life of the mother. It would always be safer for both the mother AND the baby to induce a pre-mature birth by C-section. The 1.2 million abortions done annually in the U.S. are not all due to rape and incest.

I resent the attitude that mainly men are pro-life. This isn't so much an issue about what a woman can do with her body as it is a matter of what she should be allowed to do to another's body - her child's. Also, the pro-life community does a lot to help women considering abortion through pregnancy care centers. The pro-choice argument relies on selfish attitudes, distortion of facts and outright lies.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

Who can say what these aborted persons would have become? Someone once asked Mother Teresa why God hasn't sent someone who could find a cure for AIDS. He answered that He had, but we aborted him!

There is socialistic root to the pro-abortion movement, but there is an even stronger eugenics root. See Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger's background:
It is clearly a racist movement to eliminate those so-called "unwanted" in society. Wake up, America!

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

another brief interview with Dr. Nathanson where he exposes the lies upon which Roe v Wade was founded:

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

Personally, I know far more women who are pro-life than men. The pro-choice movement seems to be filled with rabid women extremists and homosexual men (which I've never understood).
You should read Bernard Nathanson's (founder of NARAL) statement to see how the pro-choicers have been duped:

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

A moral right to kill her child.... huh?

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

There's a big difference between judgment of a person's soul at death (which belongs to God) and judging actions based on what is right and what is wrong. Only God knows our hearts and all the circumstances that led to our decisions, but on the way, most everything we do is clearly right or wrong, and Jews & Christians are called to know the difference. That's why we have laws against immoral activity, save one - abortion.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

Nunya22 - I don't know how a person who decided to have an abortion affects my daily life. It's impossible to say how that person (the aborted baby)'s life would have contributed to society or affected me. But, it's not all about me! We can say with certainty that the abortion had a profound affect on the baby's life. It ended it! You see, it's not just about the mother either. There are at least 2 people directly involved in an abortion decision (mother & child), and many more (family members, friends and people who will encounter that baby in the future) that will be affected at some point in time. We need to look beyond our own selfish desires both at the time to possibly conceive a child and at the time the decision is made whether to nurture the baby or have it slaughtered in the womb.
I didn't think that you would really be in favor of those other immoral acts I mentioned. I just wanted to point out that your logic to legitimize abortion also points to the acceptance of any immoral act.

January 16, 2010 at 5:11 p.m. suggest removal

Abortion clinic in Valley closes

Nunya22 – Using your logic, I guess you are also in favor of people’s choice to rape, murder, incest, steal, etc. After all, who are we to judge their actions? It's still their choice; they have to live with that decision not the next person, right? All of these actions, including abortion, have a serious impact on others, not only the person committing the act.

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