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Ohio casino jobs promise is misleading, study says

I currently work in the casino industry. I worked in it back in the early 90's. Then I returned home to Youngstown to continue my education. With Mountaineer being built, I decided to go back to the casino industry. The money is much higher than you will find in any other industry. These are not menial jobs, and pay above minimum wage. Tragically, in order to further my career, I was forced to move out of state. It would be so nice to move back HOME, yes I said HOME. I can't afford to with the jobs that are currently offered. My mom isn't getting any younger and her health isn't getting any better, I would love to be close to her, but I need issue 3 to pass. Why can't anyone understand the jobs that casinos bring? I work at a casino that is covered by the steelworkers union. They pay union scale wages. I also have been witness to the money that is leaving the state to go to casino's in neighboring states. Those same people are going to go gamble, no matter how far or near the casino is. Why not have our state reap the benefits of the same people? I also read comments about it hurting smaller businesses, that just isn't the case. Near our casino, there are 4 hotels, that guests stay in, they eat in the nearby restaurants, they shop at the nearby stores. Many times the men chose to gamble while the wives venture out to do some shopping. It is understandable why Youngstown wouldn't get a casino. The amount of turnover business you have to have to sustain a casino by itself, would just simply not be available in Youngstown. However, the areas that they are suggesting, have larger populations, major international airports, racetracks, and other attractions. The shear volume of business would make it profitable. Unfortaunately, Youngstown would not be able to support a casino. Yes, we need the jobs, but you would need the guests to support it also. You cannot rely on local guests to support the costs of a casino. And frankly, who would want to? There are thousands of people like myself that would love to move back home and support our communities, pay our taxes and spend our money at home.

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