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Brookfield’s Mosora versatile weapon

I'm from the class of 65 where I seen alot of good football, seeing some good football players over the years mean alot to us. Kepp up the good work I will be there in mind.

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Close-knit Warriors dominate JFK

I graduated in 1965 I would like to think that anyone who graduated from Brookfield is family. It's been a long time that Brookfield has done so good. Keep the faith Brookfield!

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Issues linger for unbeaten OSU

To many missed tackles!! They need to wrap your arms around and not let go, until he is down.

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Agenda Saturday

We had a very good time, we had Lowes come and give a demo on safety and security for our homes. Anything from camera's, locks,door catches, and so much more. We had a tour of the Great Police Station, and of course great food. Outstanding!

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Stewart saves big talk for track results

The old saying is the marbles are on the table lets shake the table and see which ones roll off?

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Social-networking sites click with neighborhood groups

we also use wordpress , check us out at

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Social-networking sites click with neighborhood groups

I have been using it now for about three years and broke into using facebook and leting members know what is happening, meeting notice's and just keeping in touch. ours is Vintage Village residents

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Youngstown State crushes Valparaiso

You showed you have now you have to keep it! Never say never was my motto! Always remember one thing and keep this in the back of your head. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME! You have to drill that in as you do to win each week. I will say it, but you know you don't need luck. It's just a matter of speach GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Builder to help landlocked Vienna community

amen, I'm glad that someone step up to bat. The Haynie family needed all the help they could get. God Bless Kolat and Macek. If anyone needs work done they would be the ones I will call. as you can tell they care. thank you again

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Rick Monaco, left, regional sales manager for Little Debbie Foods, hands the keys to the Airstream T

I had entered this contest glad to see someone in the area got it. Best of Luck to you!

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